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One Night in the Old School – Part 1

One Night in the Old School




Horry story – One Night in the Old School


Through the window in the light of the moon, the banyan tree was visible, which was still looking scary. I don’t know why I started feeling a little scared after listening to Rajiv.

Then it also appeared (or was an illusion) as if someone’s thin upper arm was hanging from a banyan branch towards the lower leg. After drinking tea, we laid down to sleep and started talking about some things here and there. Then the sound of the people in the room became faint, and I did not know when the teen went away.

There was a sound of grinding coming from the outside of the room, from the side of the window. The sound was slowly coming towards the door. I will keep my eyes closed as if I have woken up and seen WOH not walking.

That’s why I didn’t call even Rajiv or Deepak, who were lying at a little distance from me. Now I could feel the heartbeat in my ears, but then that voice from the spring started singing. Now this silence seemed even more frightening than the voice.

There was no sound. I tried to move slowly but could not find the courage to move. I felt that there was no chaddar on one pair of my feet, but there was a chaddar on my whole body. That one pair had just come out, and it seemed that someone was trying to grab me with that pair and pull me downward.

In the spring of the window, a small sound started again from near the banyan tree. Although this sound was strange, there was no understanding as to what a spring was or what it was doing. Now I gathered a little courage to look, thinking that if I have to die, then what is the meaning of this life of Marunga?

I woke up slowly and looked at Rajiv and Deepak but did not wake them up. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by making even the slightest noise. Slowly, he went towards the main window and started looking at the spring by placing his nose slightly on the window.

My heart was filled with joy after seeing the sight of spring. It felt as if someone had suddenly grabbed my head from both sides. “A girl who wore a white, ankle-length kurta, whose skin was whiter than her kurta and had long black hair, spread her body like a spider and was flying slowly on the banyan tree.

This was very scary. She took out a black chunni from her head and then made a noose on one end of this chunni. The chunni was tied to its branch and went down. Now a black noose was falling on the big banyan tree, and that scary spirit was eating it.

The fan was looking forward to the time when the girl caught hold of it with her long white hand and started looking at me. I screamed, but quickly realized that screaming had been a fatal mistake. She was moving towards me for a long time; there was a terrible grinding noise. She was not moving; she was just floating on some kind of ground and was moving towards me.

I had a terrible feeling that now I was not facing the window but had entered some unknown room and was facing the wall of the window. Now there was no room for silence; my breathing was short, my chest was aching, and I felt as if I had become very light. And…

That terrible face was in front of me—a face that had no eyes or nose. There was only one mouth, which suddenly opened, and from its movement, a heartbreaking sound came out, and it inserted its long, sharp fingers into my neck and…

I put my hand on my neck deeply, and as if for the first time, I could not believe that the dog had not bitten my neck. I opened my eyes and saw where the window was, and I was walking into the room. Rajiv and Deepak were still sleeping as the darkness had reduced a bit.

I didn’t tell him much about what happened that night because I didn’t know whether it was true or just a bad dream. I looked towards the banyan tree with a heavy heart, and for a moment, a black chunni was shown to me there.

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