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Tell Me Why and As Dusk Falls’ Games

Crack the Case on GeForce NOW with “Tell Me Why” and “As Dusk Falls”



In addition to these critically acclaimed games, four more are being added to the cloud this week for gamers to watch.



Take a seat back and get comfortable for some spectacular narration. Award-winning, story-driven games from Xbox Studios, Tell Me Why and As Dusk Falls, join the more than 1,900 titles in the GeForce NOW collection that are available for cloud streaming.


This week’s four additional titles will provide members with even more experiences to choose from.


Watch “Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury” to have a Metallica concert unlike any other. The gameplay is as intense as the tour through six of the popular favourites. Six distinct showtimes for “Metallica: Fuel, Fire, Fury” will be available on June 22–23 in Fortnite. Anyone using GeForce NOW-enabled mobile devices may stream and have a front-row seat to the interactive music experience.


Open the Mysteries

Tell Me Why and Ask Dusk Falls are joining the cloud this week, bringing gamers into finely woven storylines whether they’re solving family mysteries in Alaska or navigating small-town secrets in Arizona.


The popular Life Is Strange video game developer Dontnod Entertainment’s episodic adventure Tell Me Why follows twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan as they rejoin after ten years apart to solve the secrets behind their difficult upbringing in the made-up hamlet of Delos Crossing, Alaska. Discover realistic people, sophisticated topics, and compelling decisions.


Explore As Dusk Falls from INTERIOR/NIGHT to learn about the interwoven lives of two families over a three-decade period. The game’s distinctive art style combines 2D character illustrations with 3D surroundings to create a visually stunning experience. It is set in a small town in Arizona in the 1990s. Because of the enormous influence of player choices on the plot, every playthrough is different.


These critically acclaimed games are now available for streaming on a range of platforms, including PCs, Macs, SHIELD TVs, and Android smartphones, for GeForce NOW subscribers.





Play as an offshore oil rig worker battling for survival amid a violent storm, dangerous surroundings, and the dark, icy North Sea waters in Still Wakes the Deep from The Chinese Room and Secret Mode. Every channel of contact has been cut off. Every escape has vanished. The only thing left is to confront the unknown terror within.


From the cloud, experience the fear and get off the rig.


Take a look at this week’s lineup of new games:


Still Wakes the Deep (available on PC Game Pass on June 18; new release on Steam and Xbox)

June 19 marks the release date of Skye: The Misty Isle on Steam.

As Dusk Falls is accessible on PC Game Pass for Steam, Xbox, and PC

Tell Me Why is accessible on PC Game Pass for Xbox and Steam.



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