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Highway witch

Horror Story – Highway witch


Friends, the place I am talking about is located in New Delhi.

This area is on the highway going from Dhola Kuan towards Delhi Cantt. So let’s listen to the story of this incident in Vijay’s words.

 “It was around 1:30 in the night, and I and my two friends were returning after attending the wedding of a special friend of mine, which was taking place in Raja Garden, Delhi. We were very late, and our house was in Noida.

Where we had to return, we were sitting in the car, and we were driving on the highway, which was completely deserted, and I was also very excited because of that. I was driving the car fast. I couldn’t figure out how we covered the distance from Raza Garden to Dhaula Kuan so quickly. Now, Noida, i.e., my home, was still very far away.

We were just walking on the highway when I saw someone waving from a distance. As soon as the car came a little closer, it was revealed that it was a woman. Her face was immediately visible. She was very beautiful in appearance.

I quickly stopped the car. I asked her what she was doing here so late at night. He told me that my car has broken down and I have to reach home quickly. He said that my house is just a short distance away, and it would be a great favor to you if you dropped me there.

As soon as he said this, I made him sit in my car. Suddenly, it started becoming unbearably cold inside the car. I looked toward the AC of the car and found it was off. The cold had become very intense.

Both my friends were sitting at the back, and the girl was sitting in front of me. After some time, I saw that the girl had kept her head bowed down and was mumbling into her mouth. I asked him if he was okay. So he did not answer.

My friends also asked him, but he still did not answer. I stopped the car, touched her, and turned her upwards. Seeing what I saw, the water in my throat went dry. I saw that the girl’s face was completely burnt, and her eyes were looking forward.

As soon as I saw this, I thought of getting out of the car but was unable to. That’s where my friends saw the horrific scene and got out of the car.

But I was trapped. His terrible face was still in front of my eyes. I started pleading in front of him and started crying loudly. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was lying there in my car, and my two friends and some people were standing around me. The time was probably 4:00 in the morning.

I quickly opened the car and came out. I saw that the girl was also not there. When I asked my friends, they said that the girl was really a witch. We ran to get help, and when some people came, we saw you unconscious, and that girl was also not there.

My breathing was still heavy, and I was scared. Then a person standing there told me that such incidents keep happening here. He told me that the girl you saw here was the soul of a girl.” What is the story behind it? Where does the girl whose soul is seen on this highway go?

She is a tormented soul. In fact, one night, the girl’s car broke down on the same highway. Then he asked for a lift from a car passing on the same highway.

There were some boys in that car who made her sit in the car, but they raped her and then killed her and burned her body.

 And I threw it in a forest on the side. Even today, the spirit of that girl comes there every day and asks for a lift from the passing vehicles.

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