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Self-wandering at the station, Gorakhpur I was leaving home for Mumbai with my friend Rajiv. We had finished packing and were just about to leave. Rajiv said that we should leave quickly; otherwise, we will miss the train.

Our train was at 12:30 in the night. The train was about to arrive at the main station in Gorakhpur. We were late in leaving home. And what was feared happened. We reached the station at 1 o’clock and had missed the train.

 Now we had no idea what to do. Because it was necessary to go to Mumbai. When we asked TT there, he told us that there is no train to Mumbai now, and the next train is tomorrow night. TT told me that you can catch the train that you missed again.

We asked how. He told me that now your train will go ahead and stop at a local station. The name of that station is “Mahu Junction.” You guys can go there and catch that train. When we were about to leave, TT stopped us.

He told me that you guys are going, but no one goes there. That station is completely deserted, and I advise you not to go there.

 We asked with surprise, Why so? I was told that I too do not know the exact reason, but the people there say that the spirit of a woman roams there.

And there is no employee there after 7 o’clock; everyone leaves from there. That woman has been seen by many people, and due to the many accidents happening there, no one goes to that station. But we were not going to believe it.

To be honest, I believed in ghosts and was also a little scared of them. But life in Mumbai was equally important. What did we do?

We caught the auto to the station. There was fear in my mind as well. We had reached outside the station. As soon as we went inside, the sight was very scary.

There was no one at the station. Even the lights were not on. There was darkness everywhere. It was very cold, and a strong wind was blowing.

We were just waiting for the train. There was no one there to inquire. Tt’s words were echoing in my mind. I was looking here and there at the station again and again.

There was no trace of the train. We both started talking to each other about what to do first after going to Mumbai. While we were still talking, we heard a voice at the station.

As soon as we heard the voice, we stopped talking. Now we could hear that voice clearly. The voice was that of a woman. We started looking here and there.

 I saw a woman wearing a black saree. She is coming towards us. She was walking fast and coming towards us. Seeing him, we wanted to run away, but our feet stopped us. That woman came to us. The person we thought was a ghost was a woman in her 40s.

He said, what are you guys doing here? I said that we were waiting for the train. The woman said that there was still time for the train to arrive.

 You all come with me; I live near the station. Leave when the train arrives. I refused them. I said no problem; we will wait here. But she started asking again and again to go. I looked at Rajiv, but I don’t know why he was standing like a statue and not saying anything.

Then we saw that the train was arriving. We got stuck inside the train. When I looked back, the woman was not there. I thought maybe she had gone.

We had already sat down. Then suddenly, Rajiv started looking scared. I asked, what am I to you? She asked if you saw her feet. I didn’t say why. He said that I saw his feet; both of his feet were upside down. I said, why didn’t you tell me earlier?

He started saying that nothing was coming out of my mouth as soon as I saw her feet. Then the TT of the train came, and we saw that it was the same TT that we had met earlier. He looked at us and asked if you guys had any problems.

 I met a woman at the bus station. On hearing this, TT asked whether she was wearing a black saree. I said softly, yes. On hearing this, he said that the woman was none other than the same wandering self. As soon as I heard this, I was stunned.

I started remembering all the things at the station, which meant that the person standing near me was a soul.

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