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This incident happened when Jasmeet was studying in college. At that time, she used to stay in the girls hostel there. Before the exam, she and some of her friends were studying in the library. It was 12:30 in the night while I was studying.

 There were only six girls in that library. There was silence in the library. The whole hostel was very quiet. Then one of the girls said, “Friends, you are bored of studying; why don’t you play a game, which will refresh your mind and help you sleep?”

 Everyone agreed with him. One of the girls, whose name was Pooja, said, “Let us all talk to some spirit.” Hearing this, some girls got scared, but some made excited noises. Saying all this, she went to her room and brought a Ouija board, on which the alphabet from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9, and Yes and No were written on the sides.

Pooja lit four candles on all four sides of the board and then switched off all the lights in the library. Then he placed the coin in the middle of the board. Two of the girls went to their room out of fear, and the remaining four placed one finger each on that coin. Then Pooja said, Don’t be afraid, and don’t get up from here; otherwise, the soul will get angry.

Now that a strange glow was visible in Pooja’s eyes, she started speaking in an excited but very serious voice, “If there is any soul here, please talk to us.” “We don’t want to bother you; we just want to talk to you.” There was a strange silence and darkness in the library.

It did not seem that there would be any reaction, but suddenly some sound came from somewhere in the library. They thought that perhaps a book might have fallen, but at that moment the coin shook and Jasmeet asked, “Is there a soul here?”

A strange feeling of coldness spread all around, as if everything had become numb, and then suddenly the closed fan on the ceiling started shaking vigorously. All the girls got scared and started screaming, but then Pooja said that no girl should run away alone. By doing this, the spirit can harm her.Hearing this, all the girls became quiet.

After that, Pooja looked up and said, “If any soul is here, then talk to us.” There was silence for some time, and suddenly all the candles were extinguished, and the sound of footsteps started coming from the library. All the girls ran away in fear, but Jasmeet was left behind in this rush. Jasmeet could not find the door; she just kept running here and there in the darkness.

 Then, after some time, she realized that she was left alone in that library. There was no sound coming from outside, and his heart was beating loudly with fear.

 His breathing was becoming very deep, and a voice was coming from a corner of his mind that this must be a bad dream; he just had to wake up and then it would all be over. But alas, all this was happening in reality.

Then, suddenly, his heart skipped a beat when he saw that there was a door in front of him. She ran towards the door and pulled the door hard, but the door did not even budge. She became frustrated and started banging on the door and sobbing.

After that, the same silence spread again, and “the sound of creaking wood came, as if someone had sat on the wooden chair lying in front.”  Jasmeet got very scared and started trying to open the door again, but then suddenly she felt that someone was standing there.

 Pulling him backwards. She started crying and screaming loudly. Hearing her voice, all the girls in the hostel woke up and ran towards the library. The hostel warden and all the girls together opened the door and took Jasmeet out.




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