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Garuda Puran – Punishments

Garuda Puran – Punishments – Horror


Garuda Puran: Punishments in hell for those who do bad deeds Garuda Puran Punishments in Hell List According to Hindu scriptures, birth and death are cycles that continue continuously. It is customary to listen to Garuda Purana at home after the death of any member of the family. Garuda Puran Punishments.

It is compulsorily followed by everyone. Puranas have had a deep influence on the development of Indian culture and civilization. It is said that the Puranas were composed by Lord Brahma himself as the first and oldest scripture of the universe. It is believed that the Puranas inspire people to live their lives according to religion and morality by providing them with the knowledge of right and wrong.

They analyze the auspicious and inauspicious deeds of human beings, inspire them to do good deeds, and stop them from doing bad deeds. The religious significance of listening to the Garuda Purana is that the soul of the deceased gets peace and attains salvation.

It is believed that listening to Garuda Purana brings peace to the soul of the dying person because Garuda Purana is read till the day of rituals like turbans, etc. She goes. According to the scriptures, the soul of the deceased resides in his house until the turban ceremony, and he also listens to this Purana.

Although the content of the Puranas is mixed with rituals and conventions from time to time by some selfish and greedy people (priests), has also been done, yet many of the episodes written in them actually act as a guide for nourishing high human values and leading a moral life. Some excerpts are so amazing, interesting, and emotional that after reading them, a picture of the human society around us gets easily drawn in the mind.

Garuda Purana was written in two parts, in which the first part depicts the dialogue between Lord Vishnu and Garuda Dev, and in the second part, the mysteries that happen after death are depicted. The Garuda Purana contains answers to all the questions related to birth and death. Are. Which is important for everyone to know. There are 19 thousand verses in the Garuda Purana.

 Everyone knows that whatever one does, he gets the same result. The same thing has been told in the Garuda Purana. Let us know what the punishment is for which sin, according to the Garuda Purana. Tamisra Tamisra [heavy flogging] The person who kidnaps someone else’s wealth, wife, and son has to suffer torture in hell called Tamisra.

In this, Yamdoot gives him many types of punishments. According to Garuda Purana, they are crushed with the weapon “Gada” carried by horses. AndhTamisara A man who betrays someone and has intercourse with his wife has to suffer severe torture in Andhatamisra hell.

In this hell, he becomes blind. The one who betrays his husband or wife after marriage goes to hell in an unconscious state. is put in Rourava The one who destroys someone else’s family or causes sorrow is hit on the genitals by the messengers.

Maharaurava In this hell, flesh-eating Ruru creatures torment creatures who commit violence towards other creatures. Those who usurp the property of others are tortured by wild animals. Kumbhipakam A person who kills and cooks animals, birds, etc. falls into Kumbhipaka hell.

Here, the messengers boil it in hot oil. You might have seen this punishment in an unfamiliar film as well: the one who kills innocent people for food is fried in a pan of hot oil by the messengers. Asipatram A person who deviates from the path prescribed by the Vedas and resorts to hypocrisy is flogged in a hell called Asipatra, and his body is pierced with a double-edged sword.

Shukarmukh: A person who leads an unrighteous life or causes physical pain to someone is thrown into Shukarmukh hell and is ground in a crusher like a reed. Andhakup: A person who causes pain to others despite knowing about his suffering has to fall into Andhakup hell. Here, poisonous and dangerous creatures like snakes drink his blood. Forceps: A person who steals money or snatches it by force has to fall into a hell called Forceps. Where it is fired with iron balls heated like fire.

Taptasurmi: A person who forcibly has intercourse with a woman is beaten with a whip and made to hug hot iron pillars in a hell called Taptasurmi. Shalmali: A sinful person who commits adultery with animals, etc., has to suffer the consequences of his deeds by falling into a hell called Shalmali and being crushed between iron thorns.

Vaitarani: A person who does not follow Dharma is thrown into a river full of impure things like blood, bones, nails, fat, flesh, etc. in a hell called Vaitarani. Pranarodha: People who hunt silent creatures are pierced with sharp arrows in a hell called Pranarodha.

Vishasana: People who sacrifice animals in yagya are beaten with whips in a hell called Vishasana.

Lalabhaksha: A sinful person who has sexual intercourse with a woman of his own blood under the influence of lust has to live in Lalabhaksha hell and drink semen.

Sarameyadan: A person who loots money or destroys someone else’s property has to fall into Sarameyadan hell. A strange creature called Sarameya cuts it to pieces and eats it.

Avichi: A person who acts as a witness in the transaction of charity and money and gives false testimony is thrown down from the mountain to the rocky ground in Avichi hell and is pierced with stones.

Ayahpan: A person who drinks alcohol is thrown into a hell called Ayahpan, and his mouth is pierced with hot iron bars.

Panrimukham: Those who punish innocent people without legal process are like pigs. The animal’s tusked tail is left.

Ksharkardam: A person who does not respect men superior to him suffers innumerable pains in hell, called Ksharkardam.

Shoolproth: A person who entertains himself by killing animals and birds or piercing them with thorns is pricked in a hell called Shoolproth. Crows and quails pierce his body with their beaks.

Kalasuthira: Torturing one’s parents and family while suffering from hunger is also fried in oil.

 By capturing someone and keeping him in a dark place, the person is kept in a hell called Avatanirodhana and is made to suffer with the smoke of poisonous fire.

 A person who looks at the guests coming to his house with sinful eyes is kept in a hell called Paryavartan, where cruel birds like crows, vultures, eagles, etc. take out his eyes with their sharp beaks.

Asitapatram: Those who do not perform their religious duties properly are threatened by evil spirits.

 A person who is always busy accumulating wealth and is jealous after seeing the progress of others, Yamdoot sews it like a needle with a needle in Listmukh hell.

Kalsutra: A person who has enmity with his father and Brahmin is whipped in this hell and pierced with a double-edged sword.

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