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Download and play nine free Games

This weekend, you can download and play nine free games from Steam.



Try before you purchase is a fantastic idea if you want to be a little more thrifty. Steam is a treasure mine of hidden treasures when you know where to look.

Luckily for you, Steam offers several free game demos of independent developers and even some AAA titles. I’ve included nine games below that I highly recommend you play.

Let’s start with this amusing meme, Meme Mayhem. In this ridiculous game, which plays something like a shoot-em-up, you can launch emojis at some of the greatest celebrities and faces on the internet. It’s entertaining since it has several levels, power-ups, and a ton of crazy allusions.

Next on the list is FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, where you may play the online game that over 30 million players are now enjoying with a free trial. Try this one if you enjoy playing MMOs and online role-playing games.

Next up is Dungeon Crawler, a humorous twist on dungeon-crawling role-playing games in which your attacks are determined by the amount of money you can win from a claw machine. Don’t worry—this claw machine isn’t rigged like the real ones.

Then there’s Idle Colony, a game that’s a little difficult to describe but involves playing as little creatures who strive to gather as much fruit as possible, with the swarm expanding over time.

If you’re looking for something to do with your friends, you may play the horror game Dark Hours online with up to three of them. The only goal is to survive, even if it means running from the pursuing creatures or hiding until dawn.

My odd favourite is the second one, Euro Truck Simulator 2. You create your transportation firm in this passable simulation game, and you get a strange kind of relaxation in the process.

Bopl Battle, a couch cooperative game that plays like a Smash Bros. arena fighter and pits you against friends, comes next.
Aloft, a cooperative sandbox survival game comes in second to last. In it, you may explore the numerous floating islands and soar through the skies in your airship or glider.

Not to be overlooked is Deltarune, the much-anticipated sequel to Undertale; if you like that game, you should try this one as well.

If none of them appealed to you, see if you can discover something better by looking through the entire list on Steam.



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