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Black Magic –  Horror Story 

Black Magic –  Horror Story 


That dreadful night spent under the shadow of black magic is a true incident that will blow your mind after reading it. Encounters with dark powers or ghosts taking over the house—all this seems like a story from a movie.

 It is actually as much fun as it sounds….If you consider things like the existence of spirits and their interference in the human world as just a source of entertainment, then you need to think again. May your ignoring them bring them closer to you?

Today we are introducing you to such an incident, after reading which perhaps next time you will think many times before going out of the house in the dark of night. Not only this, if someone tells you about these dark forces that have befallen you, you will not laugh and make fun of him.

As soon as we shifted to the new house, my family and I started experiencing some strange incidents. It was a rented house; hence, I could not socialize much with the neighbours.

 Everything went well for a few days, but as the days passed, some such incidents started happening, which were very difficult to understand. At night, not only were some moving shadows visible there, but it also felt as if there was something that we could not see.

The rent of the house was low, and the location was also good; hence, my family started ignoring all these things. But one day something happened that neither I nor my family had ever imagined, even in our dreams.

 Something that could not be ignored even if one wanted to. Father had to go out of the house for some work and could not return home at night. As a result, my mother and I had to spend the night alone at home.

Suddenly, at night, some strange noises started coming from the adjacent room. That room was not ours; it was in the possession of the landlord. Our landlord had also warned us not to enter that room, so we never even thought of going there.

But now, when we started hearing sounds like someone screaming and then suddenly crying from that room, these sounds disturbed our sleep, and we became scared. At first, it seemed as if someone was fighting outside, but when I looked at the clock, it was 2 o’clock in the night. It didn’t take long for Mother and I to understand that these voices were coming from the same room where we were forbidden to go.

The landlord said that his old belongings were lying in that room, which is why we too were not interested in going there. But now, when that room became a puzzle for us, it became necessary for us to open it. At first, we thought that we would open it in the morning, but then those voices did not let us stay, even for a night, and we got ready to open it.

I was feeling scared, but I also knew that if it were not opened now, the truth of this room would never come out. That’s why my mother and I started moving towards that room fearfully. We thought that we would have to struggle to open the room, but as soon as we touched the door of the room, it opened easily.

Seeing the atmosphere inside that room, both I and my mother started trembling with fear. Not only this, but we were not even able to say anything to each other. The room was completely surrounded by red lights, and there was a strange smell inside.

When we started moving inside, there were old and broken paintings lying there. Which belonged to some person, but we could not understand whose.

We saw a woman sitting inside the room who was our landlord’s sister. Sitting in a corner, she was talking to God knows who. Let alone around him, we did not see anyone else in the entire room. As soon as we moved towards her, she started crying louder.

Whenever she would cry, suddenly someone would start scolding her loudly to make her quiet. We did not know who was scolding or where the voices were coming from. It just seemed as if someone had pushed hard and ran outside.

Who was he, how did the landlord’s sister come there, and why did she come there? All these questions remain questions even today. Both I and my mother called our relative at the same time and decided to leave from there.

The next day, as soon as we reached our father’s house, we told him everything and decided never to go there again. But one question that still troubles us is whether it was true or not.

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