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Will you still say that there are no souls?  

Will you still say that there are no souls?

a reality Today I want to tell you about an incident that completely changed me and my life. It made me wonder if what I saw that night was real or just my imagination. Those who hear or read it may consider it a fabricated story, but they say that only those who have gone through it can understand that pain.

Something similar happened to me too, which I want to tell you all about. It happened about 3 years ago when I went to my close friend’s village to attend his wedding. We both worked together in a company in Delhi, but his family belonged to a small village in Rajasthan.

All the events related to her marriage were to be held in the village itself, which is why I set out to go there three days before her marriage. After landing at Jaipur Airport, I took a taxi to reach his village. My friend Sahil’s village was far away from Jaipur.

The driver had already said that we would be able to reach that village within 24 hours. The journey was long, so we started talking to the taxi driver. While talking, he started talking about the stories of ghosts prevalent in the villages.

The driver said that the presence of witches is very common in the village where I am going. He told me many stories related to that village and the witch. Now you know why the youth living in a metropolis like Delhi believe in these spirits and witches.

For most people like me, all this may be a source of entertainment and nothing more, but perhaps that was the last time when I took all these dark powers just as a joke, because after that, I felt like I not only started believing but also started feeling his presence all the time. The driver said that we would reach our destination by eight in the morning.

We had dinner at a Hotel around 10 p.m., and then, due to the fatigue of the journey, I fell asleep. Suddenly, our car broke down, and that too at a place where it was almost impossible to get any help. I couldn’t understand what to do.

I couldn’t even wait for morning, and there was no suitable place nearby. The driver said that there is a Hotel 2-3 kilometres away; you go there, and I will get the car repaired and come back. I agreed to his request and started walking.

There was a lot of walking, so I put earphones in my ears and thought that the time would pass. After walking some distance, I felt as if someone was walking with me. There was a very strong smell, and for a long time, I felt that someone else was with me.

At first, it seemed as if it was my illusion, but gradually that illusion started taking the shape of reality, or rather, a terrible reality. At first, I only felt that someone was walking along with me, but gradually, someone’s physical form started appearing a few steps away from me. She was a beautiful girl, and she asked me where I was going alone so late at night, so I told her my story of how the car broke down and I was forced to walk.

I also asked her the same question as to what she was doing here so late at night. She told me that she often comes and goes on this route. Before I could ask him anything else, he told me that your friend’s wedding is tomorrow; how will you be able to get there?

I was surprised to hear this question from him as to how he knew!! I asked how he knew about my friend’s marriage, and he told me that’s how. I fell silent. She said her name was Kavita. Then she started humming some strange song, and I kept walking silently with her. When I moved ahead, I saw a big and dense tree in front.

When I started taking down her photo, the girl asked me not to do so. I asked why. So he said, don’t take pictures at night. I kept my camera inside. Suddenly, my eyes fell on three women standing at a distance from the tree.

The three women slowly started coming towards me. As she came closer, his face became visible, which was very scary. She started calling me towards her, but Kavita saw her gesture and asked me to walk faster. I started walking or running.

As soon as they came a little distance away, those women disappeared, and I asked Kavita who they were. She said that she has been roaming in this village for the last several hundred years, and the people of the village call her evil spirits.

I have come with you only to save you from them. I asked, how can you save? He did not answer again. We had come a long way. Kavita said that the dhaba is about to come and the road is also safe; now I should leave. I said you would not go further.

He said this was my destination. While leaving, he told me just one thing: not every soul is bad, sir!! It didn’t take me long to understand what he meant, and I understood that he was a good soul who had come with me to save me from evil forces…!!!

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