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Shivaji Maharaj Approach to women

Shivaji Maharaj Approach to women





Chhatrapati Shivaji’s Approach to Women  


Matriarchal culture is the true identity of glorious India. History records that many women have put in all their efforts to make India glorious. Looking into the historical period, the position of Rashtramata Jijau is seen at the forefront.

This personality, who gave Maharashtra two chhatrapatis, is the source of inspiration for all women. 


In the pre-Shiva period, people were suffering from the oppression of Muslims. Abduction of girls and women, injustice and abuse, and the sale of slave women were common.
 Shahji Raje was a chieftain in Adilshahi, but while discussing it with Jijaun, both of them were dreaming of Swarajya. 

On February 19, 1630, at Shivneri Fort in Pune district, Rajmata Jijaun gave birth to Shivba, who nurtured the poor and fulfilled the dream of self-government.
 Jijau took 7-8-year-old Shivba and went to Bangalore to stay with Shahajiraj for some time. There, for 2 years, Shahaji Raj gave Shivba the education and rituals necessary for the formation of Swarajya. While returning to Pune from there, Shahajiraj sent Peshwas, Mujumdars, Dabirs, Sabnis, etc. Rajmata Jijau and Shivaba were sent along with officers and some teachers. To Shivaji Raja, ‘Pratipachandra Lekhev Vardhishnu Vishwavandita
Shahsuno: Shivsyaisha Mudra Bhadray Rajte’ was made by Shahaji Raja and created the dream of Swarajya in Shivaba’s mind. According to the wishes of Shahaji Raja and Rajmata Jijau, the kings were born. 

While walking in Maval province, Shivbaraje saw the miserable condition of the people, Muslim oppression, kidnapping of women, and the daily degradation of religion. He was learning the governance of the state, correspondence, judgment, difficulties, and problems of the ryot under the supervision of Jijau.
 The decisions and judgments made by Jijau during his reign were carefully watched and absorbed by the king. Therefore, it seems that the king’s approach to women in the future has helped them remain healthy. The influence of Jijau’s overall thoughts, impression of nature, liberal, egalitarian leadership qualities, and noble personality all seem to be the foundation for the formation of kings. Jijau took all the decisions neutrally, expressing concern for women’s honor and caste, hence, Shivaji also urged the army to take care not to hit the enemy’s vegetable stalks and women’s hair. 

Capturing women and children during battle was considered a crime.
 He was taught to respect even a foreign woman, which he kept throughout his life. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the only unique king in ancient, medieval, and modern history who gave strict orders to soldiers that soldiers should not go in the way of women during the war. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Raja got an opportunity to judge the oppression of women at a very young age. A poor farmer’s daughter, who was abducted by Ranja’s father, was raped. That girl gave her life, thinking that death is better now that Abru is gone.
 Patala was brought to the court, and Jijau asked Shivbara to judge. Without a moment’s delay, Shiva ordered Patala’s hand to be grafted. With this harsh decision, surprise spread everywhere, and Shivaji Raja started to panic. Similarly, he was killed in a fight with Kesari Singh, the chief of Prabalgarh, near Panvel. Then Kesarisingh’s mother and two small children were hiding there, found them, saluted them, and sent her to her native village with the honor of a palanquin and full protection. 

Also, the incident of Subhedar of Kalyan is unforgettable in the history of Marathas.
 Today, all men need to follow the example of Chhatrapati Shivaji Raja, who treated women as mothers. Savitribai Desai, the lady of the fort, fought the fort for 27 consecutive days after the death of her husband. But Sakuji Gaekwad, a general, won it. He raped Savitribai in revenge for bringing Jerry. As soon as Shivaji understood this, he did not even praise the victorious commander. His eyes were ordered to be gouged out, and he was imprisoned for life. And today, the men in the family and in the relationship are doing injustice, oppressing, and raping their own women, neglecting it at home or tending to suppress it. This is a horrible reality today. 

Be it the honor of Dharau, who fed the Sambhaji kings, or honoring Hirakani, who descends the tough tower with a baby girl at night and gives her a sari bodice, and giving the name ‘Hirakni Buruj’ to that tower, the seeds of all these are found in the rituals of Jijau. 

Shivaji Raja not only gave due respect to all his wives but also participated in family decisions and consulted them on governance. Some of the decisions taken by Shivaji Raja seem to have been twisted by Jijau. A Persian seal ‘Jijau-Walida-i-Raja Shivaji’ was also available on behalf of Shivaji Raja.
 Sambhaji Raja’s wife, Yesubai,, got real lessons in politics from her childhood with Sambhaji Raja. Later Yesubai was also given the stamp of ‘Sakhi Rajni Jayati’. Yesubai seems to have been granted the right to issue gazettes and issue necessary orders in the absence of the Sambhaji kings. As Sambhaji Raje went to Dilerkhana, Shivaji Raje was desperate and forced to discuss with Yesubai to suggest some solutions. This means that Shivaji Raje consults his daughter-in-law as well as his mother. 

Further, there is a history of Rajaram’s wife, Maharani Tararani, also bringing Aurangzeb to prison for nine years. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Raja, and before that, Rajmata Jijau had studied fighting even during the Paddansheen period. That seems to permeate further history. Many such incidents explain Chhatrapati Shivaraya’s farsightedness, equality between men and women, women’s freedom, sense of religion, sense of respect, and Nikop’s view of women. 

The answer to the question ‘What should be learned from Shivacharitra?’, everything related to our lives, can be connected with the problem.


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