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Revenge of Ragging – true ghost story

Revenge of Ragging – true ghost story



Friends, whenever we talk about land, there is a little stir in our mind. Our mind seems to be wondering whether we should believe in these things or not.

These things have not been given much importance in today’s modern society but if we believe in God in today’s society then we will have to believe in the earth also because when something bad happens in the world then it becomes evil to make it happen. Well, keeping all these things aside, friends, if you believe in the story of ghosts or you find such stories interesting then you will read these stories carefully.

 That is why today I have a new story for you. This story is very famous, meaning this story has been heard by many people or I hope that whenever you listen to this story, you will like it, so I am starting my story. This story is about an engineering college in Bhopal. In which two friends got admission whose name was VARUN or AADIT. This was the first year of both of them or even the first day of college.

Both of them were happy or a little sad because they had heard a lot about ragging in college. He feared that someone might be ragging him. Both the friends were entering from the college gate when a gang of few seniors sitting in the college called out to them and called them for their pass. VARUN was too late or too early.

Have seen his fear. Seniors attacked VARUN or started ragging. If you do not know the meaning of ragging then let me tell you that in ragging some seniors behave badly with their younger students. Because the lives of some students have been ruined, very bad things have happened to them.

This ragging is happening with VARUN that seniors are asking him to go to pure college but VARUN is refusing to do so. Then the seniors started using force. Seeing this, VARUN started shouting with full force. When a college teacher heard his voice and came there or saw him ragging the seniors, he got scared.

Now the seniors were very angry with Varun because today they had defeated Varun. VARUN also came to know that now the seniors will not like him. Meanwhile Varun or Aadit started going towards their college hostel. It was 10:30 in the night and then someone started knocking loudly on the door of their room.

By doing this, both of them disappeared. He asked who was there and found out that it was the seniors who had started ragging on Varun today, but instead he got scolded by the teacher. VARUN thought that they might have come to take revenge. Outside at least 4 seniors them. When he asked to open the door, VARUN refused.

The seniors said that they would never stop him from ragging if he did a favour to them. Hearing this, VARUN opened the door and AADIT was also with him. The seniors quickly entered the room and told VARUN that if he did this he would not be harassed. When Varun asked what to do, the seniors told him, “There is a 2 km long jungle behind the college or there is a railway track crossing it.

There is a blue coloured plant on our track if it crosses us.” It is for today that we will make you a brave society.” Varun first thought for a while and then asked him to do this work. Aadit also agreed to him but Varun did not agree or said no. Or it came out in vain. To see this, look for AADIT or senior college.

They clearly saw VARUN going towards the jungle. After some time Varun started seeing the band because he was under the jungle. Now they started waiting for his arrival. The journey was about 40 minutes but to VARUN it took 1 hour 15 min. was it too much or was it not visible?

Aadit started paying attention to him but then he saw that VARUN had arrived or he had also appeared in his heart. VARUN quietly walked into the seniors’ room or walked into the room. AADIT asked him if he was scared but VARUN did not answer his questions or slept on the bed. It was morning when Aadit woke up and saw that VARUN was not on his bed.

Only then will spring come again. When Aadit went towards the spring, he saw that spring was coming. When he went there he saw that the dead body of a senior was lying there. He was one of the seniors who had come to his room yesterday.

Aadit got scared after seeing this. Suddenly he turned to face Varun who had eaten his food. Aadit told VARUN that you have found out how this San came to VA.  RUN just pretended to move its head or walked silently.

He was a little suspicious of VARUN’s action. Next night Aadit suddenly woke up at 12 o’clock and saw where VARUN was. Despite our efforts to stop him, he did not get up from the bed. I don’t know what happened at that time or whether I suddenly became unconscious. Next morning she opened her eyes and saw that VARUN was not there again.

Then someone told AADIT that today again a senior had died. He was surprised when he heard this. The children there said that the students themselves were dying by suicide. But AADIT became a little suspicious of Varun or thought that there was some connection with the death of his seniors or VARUN.

That’s why Aadit thought that tonight he should see where VARUN is rising. It was already night and AADIT was pretending to sleep and then VARUN got up from the bed and started walking towards the spring. At that time it was around 12:30 in the night.

AADIT started taking pictures of him and saw that VARUN was going ahead to some seniors’ room and knocking on their door. Then 2 seniors came out and tied their eyes. VARUN caught them with his hands or started walking towards the jungle but he had gone earlier. AADIT Abhi was also taking his picture. He was walking very slowly. He saw that VARUN was taking him towards his father. Suddenly he sees that VARUN has gone to his father’s house with two seniors and there is a train coming near him. Aadit seeing this told VARUN or any seniors to leave the place but no one could hear his voice. Aadit started running towards Varun. Lenin has passed a lot.

The train went by. Seeing this, Aadit started crying loudly. The train had left from there but there was such a thing that Aadit’s eyes remained wide open after seeing it. He saw that after the train started, both the seniors had been badly injured or had died but VARUN was still there. Or he was moving his neck forward. VARUN’s eyes were pure red. Aadit asked Varun what all this was and for some time Varun remained silent and then told him.

Varun’s voice remained a little heavy. VARUN told that he is responsible for the death of all of them. The day I went to the jungle and told him to break the tree, had I reached my father or was he about to break the tree, the train passed over me or I was killed somewhere. But my soul has broken that tumour or the face of my death has come to the seniors so my soul has come only to take revenge of what it has taken from me.

They hear that many things are going on in Aadit’s mind as if He had died and had been living with a soul for so many days. Aadit fainted at that place. In the morning he opened his eyes and saw that the log had been taken out of the house or soon he had found the dead bodies of both the seniors. Aadit told the whole thing in the college and even after that incident, the college was emptied due to the fact that the seniors kept dying.

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