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zoroastrian jury – last Zoroastrian Sassanian empire

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zoroastrian jury – last Zoroastrian Sassanian empire


zoroastrian jury – last Zoroastrian Sassanian empire




If this frightens you, let it be known that the first victim of this barbaric,

fanatical religious cult was Zoroastrian Iran, beginning from the 7th Century

AD till the turn of the last century. What followed the downfall of the

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last Zoroastrian Sassanian empire about 1,400 years ago was a holocaust

of unparalleled proportions; a religious and cultural genocide where

thousands of fire temples were destroyed, holy books burnt in bonfires

and the population forcibly converted. “A dark night of silence that was

interrupted only by the hoot of owls and the harsh sound of thunder.” ( zoroastrian jury )

In the 18th Century, the Afghan Wars led to terrible tribulation, devastation

and massacre of Parsis in Iran. In 1722, the Afghan, Mahmud, invaded Iran

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via Sistan and Kerman, both centres of Zoroastrian population in those days.

“Mahmud Afghan attacked Kerman but could not conquer it because of the

strong fortifications and defence. Therefore, he attacked the Zoroastrian locality

which was defenceless. They massacred the people and plundered, burnt and

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devastated the locality. Only one Zoroastrian out of ten was able to escape

and take refuge in the walled city.’’ (Rashid Shahmardan Irani).

In 1747 after the assassination of Nadir Shah, the Afghans once again

invaded Iran and picked the Parsis for general massacre and devastated

their villages. The Parsi population perished in frightfully great numbers


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and dwindled considerably. “A grim and eloquent testimony to this catastrophe

of the Afghan wars exists at present in the form of the ruins of the devastated

Parsi settlements of Gabra Mohalle (`the Zoroastrian Street’) in the north of

Kerman. ( zoroastrian jury ) Every house in these Zoroastrian quarters has

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been razed to the ground; and the ruins afford a gruesome remembrance of

that heart-rending catastrophe.’’ (Mirza-Outlines of Parsi History). The venerable

Zoroastrian scholar, Mary Boyce, visited the ruins of Gabra Mohalle in 1963,

and wrote: “…When one thinks of the savageries inflicted on Kerman by Agha

Muhammad Khan Qajar, it becomes a matter for wonder that the Zoroastrians

managed to survive there at all, let alone preserve intact their place of worship

with its ancient fire; and that the high priests continued to live out their quiet,

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disciplined lives, generation by generation in the temple precinct, still studying

and copying the sacred books of their faith.’’





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