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World Mental Health Day

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World Mental Health Day




“Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority” is the World Health Organization’s slogan for this year.

The day is celebrated every year on 10th October to raise awareness about mental health education. In 1992, the first Deputy Secretary-General Richard Hunter and the World Mental Health Association initiative started celebrating this day. The organization has members in more than 150 countries and on this day, an annual awareness program is celebrated to draw attention to mental illness and its impact on human life. To be in a position yes.’ This is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Today man is enjoying all the material pleasures. The world is moving as if at the speed of light. At this fast pace, the basic needs of the body are being neglected. Due to responsibility and competition in all fields, there is a lot of mental fatigue. But in the race to move forward mental health is being neglected. It is also necessary to take care of the mind while keeping. No matter how efficient your body is, you have a lot of imagination, and you have a lot of wealth, but without the support of the mind, nothing can be achieved. If the mental health of one person in the family deteriorates, the health of the whole family deteriorates. There is a saying in Marathi that a wise man should be a servant, but a fool should not be a master. Both mind and body are complementary and are very important for a human being.

Mental disorder is often hereditary, but there are differences among experts. If this disorder is congenital, it also occurs due to insufficient growth during pregnancy. For this, it is necessary for the health of a pregnant woman to be pleasant.

 Conveniences have increased, income has increased, needs are also increasing, and physical and mental strain is also increasing in this. There is a difference between how much you give to a family and two taxes, and chauvinism is flourishing. At present, the condition of the youth is also bad. An intelligent person is worried about getting suitable work and a hardworking person is worried about getting a job. At such a time, those living below the poverty line feel sad, and those who are happy feel contempt for others. When the man or woman of the house goes out for work, the old man and the shepherds of the house are sitting with their eyes on their arrival. Will the rich man come home safely? The mind is disturbed by many such questions. Nowadays, watching the scenes shown in the movies creates unwanted attractions in the minds of the youth. Nowadays mobile is a psychological enemy in everyone’s pocket. Parents need to keep an eye on what their children are watching.

World Mental Health Day by Meta

World Mental Health Day by Meta

Feeling sad for no reason, not having fun, and not mixing with others are signs of ‘depression’ and constant stress on the person’s mind. Its main features are restlessness, restlessness, and fear of something without reason.

Constant talking for no reason, which we call chattering, excessive chattering for no reason, inexplicable physical movements, restlessness, irritability, and excessive happiness are all signs of mania. Many experts and experts say that mental illness is the most significant disease of the 21st century. Parineeti is what we call “crazy”. The solution is sure if you go to a psychiatrist in such a state.

Nowadays, watching the scenes shown in the movies creates unwanted attractions in the minds of the youth. Nowadays mobile is a psychological enemy in everyone’s pocket. Parents need to keep an eye on what their children are watching.

Ordinary citizens as well as the relatives of the patient do not approach him when he is called psychotic or a mental patient. This is not a disease but a society of these people who believe that someone has practiced witchcraft or witchcraft.

Many modern methods of psychotherapy are also available now. According to the definition in the field of psychiatry, mental disorders are treated psychologically. The psychotherapy method of a senior and experienced therapist is scholarly and characteristic.

Suicides are increasing day by day due to depression due to stress. Deadly competition is the cause of this. Can be dangerous. Misunderstandings often arise between the working couple and due to this, the mental health of both deteriorates and the situation gets out of hand due to arguments and divorce. But if there are children in such a case, they suffer, and the mental health of the children may also deteriorate.

Many farmers commit suicide in India What they do is caused by natural calamities. To overcome this natural calamity, there is a need for implementation at the national level. Menstrual health also deteriorated due to corona. It is necessary to convince the importance of cleanliness in daily life on epidemic disease. Regular exercise, yoga, and Surya Namaskar can be good for maintaining physical and mental health.

“Let’s resolve to protect the mental and physical health of our family, friends, and the next generation”




Madhav Vidwans


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