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What qualities in men attract women the most

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What qualities in men attract women the most?


Many men think they have the formula to attract women. Many people think that women are attracted to them

if they have a lot of money and constantly follow women, but men who think this way are fools. Women are more complicated than men understand.

Women prefer confident men. Women don’t like men who are always hanging around girls. Men who are self-confident, genuine,

and with whom they feel safe to feel more attracted to women.

Uncomplicated, straightforward men are more confident, so women are more attracted to such men.

So be as straightforward as possible…

Don’t try to copy someone just to impress girls…girls can spot such copycats immediately and prefer to stay away from them as much as possible.

Women don’t like men who live in games. Be straight and simple…

Your confidence should be reflected in your every action…Men who live life with passion are more attractive.

Always keep proper body language… you should show confidence while walking, talking, or simply standing…

When talking to girls, stand up straight or sit straight and look straight in the eyes… you will be more attractive to girls.



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