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Wake up people – Stay safe

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Wake up people – Stay safe


covid 19- Wake up people – Stay safe





Doctors, health care workers, police, bankers, vegetable vendors, essential goods shopkeepers, BMC workers, NGO’s, and all well being people , are putting their lives in danger and working for us. They have become our shield. They are the one, who is protecting us from this virus at this moment’s.

So many of them have lost their lives. For whom ?
.and what we all are doing..?
Aren’t we are in their debts??

Always, we salute the soldiers and show our gratitude.
.that’s all we do.

But not now, the war is in our doorsteps..
If most of these people who are working for us will die..
our shield. Will be vanished soon. Then …
.what we will be left with..??? Wake up people – Stay safe

Please friends, we only shows our concerns ..only keeps on discussing. But don’t do anything for others and actually for ourselves also.
..we always wait for someone to do everything for us..

and on top of it, keep cribbing about everything.
Finding reasons, not to do anything constructive..

People, please wake up now. Its high time .. Wake up people – Stay safe

Please, take your responsibility..
Share the burden of the work. Of this covid front line warriors.
And stop blaming the government.
Who are they..? People like us.

When we don’t stop playing politics in small groups, society’s. Why blame them.

.now don’t depend on anyone.

Whatever you can do to help the society. These front line workers. …. do so..
sanitize their shops, area,
Make them feel comfortable, let them know that ,you are there for them and their families.

Please ,don’t just runaway from your share of responsibility as a human beings.

Because.. anyways , some day, we all have to pay for all the consequences.

We can’t run away from our karma. Wake up people – Stay safe

People , please wake up. ..leaving your egos, don’t follow the groups ,which are there only for entertainment,
Follow the right things and do something positive.
.which you, definitely can do.

Think, and put your best foot forward at this critical crises.

Time for jokes , are gone ,be serious.. Wake up people – Stay safe

Come on,  all well meaning people. The world needs you. If you don’t do anything now… no one will be there for you, when you will need the most.


Stay safe. Stay blessed.
Sunita Rao Bailur.
Swayam, self search

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