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Vitamin D tablets in India – Game changing role in Covid 19

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Vitamin D tablets in India – Game changing role in Covid 19


Vitamin D tablets in India






The Delta plus variant could stoke a third wave in Maharashtra. It could spread at double the rate,” said an official covid task force

Maharashtra’s Covid-19 task force has warned that the third wave could hit the state as early as in two-four weeks

given the crowding it has seen in the last three days. The total number of cases in the third wave is expected to

double in than those registered in the second wave. Active cases are predicted to reach 8 lakh.


But Here you can take precaution advice from Sion hospital dean Suleman merchant .



The COVID pandemic has created a lot of fear in millions of minds. Lakhs of valuable lives have been lost,

in spite of best efforts from all concerned. I’ve been doing my bit for this cause and

have done over 200 webinars on the game changing role of  Vitamin D tablets in India in COVID 19.

My webinar also contains the following :  Vitamin D tablets in India, COVID 19, Magic Bullet, Positivity, the Universe & Us,

We are all connected, Positivity, Vibrating beings, Frequency of Vibration responsible for good immunity & health:

High Dose Vitamin D tablets in India is one for the best game changers in COVID 19. The magic bullet that we all have been looking for.

Studies have shown that anyone with a Vitamin D level > 60 ng /ml – up to 100 max –

will not get COVID /not get severe COVID / will not require ICU admission/ fatality is close to zero.

Video also contains info on how we are all vibrating being ‘string particles’

and how the vibrations we are in ‘positive Or negative’ will attract positivity Or negativity,

good health Or bad health etc. A brief mention of our Microbiome & it’s relationship to our Health is also there.

Our body’s magnetic field protects us just like the Earth’s magnetic field protects the earth.

The frequencies we vibrate in affects our well-being and health; and also our magnetic field.


help spread my vital message. You never know whose life you may save.




With Warm Regards.

Dr. Suleman Merchant. 

Former DEAN, LTM Medical College & LTMG Hospital ( SION HOSPITAL ), MUMBAI


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