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Vaccine the savior.

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Vaccine the savior.


Yes, the most awaited thing in the entire world.

Great news.. very soon we will get our Vaccines… everything is going to be normal soon.

Really…and when??

We believe that its going to be safe but..
Vaccine to reach everyone ,is going to take time. Scientists and entire world is really putting their hearts to do so.
Salute to all of them.

But still …
Nearly 2 yrs , because we have huge populations Even if it’s produced in extremely efficient ways ,on war footage. Still …

1st health care workers, along with them elderly people around 90 yrs , then Corona warrior’s..step by step..
For herd immunity we need at least 70 % of the entire world’s population to get vaccinated.

even if you get Vaccinated, still most of the people around you ..won’t. So you can’t be safe. no one can put their guard down.
Look ,this virus is very new for everyone, how its going to react no one knows,
..after getting vaccinated still you can get the infection, but it won’t life threatening. ……
So ,please, don’t play with your life.

If we all wear proper masks, the virus won’t have any body to enter, the virus may…die on its own . For that ,you have to follow all the rules.
Simple but ..Too tough .

Till that time …,please.. hold on.
War is going to get finished .. but
before it finishes.. everyone wants to celebrate the victory.. by not wearing masks
No.. you can’t, if you do may lose the winning battle..please.

 We love to believe this that…There is no Corona,and anyways ,people get recovered easily…not to worry..I am not scared anymore…
no more mask ..Its suffocating..

Think about health care workers, who has to wear the complete PPE kit, made of plastic ,for minimum 8 hours , without having water to drink and can’t go to the bathrooms..
Think about their families, who are also suffering..and at most risk to get infected..
there suffering are not yet over .

Everyone is annoyed, bored of this virus. No body is interested to follow the protocol.

Think, if all the doctor’s, health care workers, covid warrior’s also get tired… which they are, but they are stretching their ability to work on extreme levels..for whom..??? if they stop treating patients, because no one is bothered now for Corona. Then?????
They can’t say no to the patients, its the rule of their profession….
what about general public???,..they don’t have any responsibilities ????
Any rules???..
Any punishments????

If everyone wants to celebrate,  partying, outing.. then, why can’t health care workers???

Westerns countries are facing 2nd and 3rd wave.,worst then 1st wave….lockdowns allover.

But we can’t afford one more lockdown.

Have little patience, ask the families who has gone through this deadly virus, lost their dear ones or lost the saving of their entire lifes for treating their families. If you open your eyes and see ..Suffered families with this virus are all around.

See how many are dying every day.

Please, don’t do this .

Life is beautiful and precious, please be there to enjoy..

This is a exam time for the entire world, don’t fail now..

Fighting with this virus,
we all have come so far.. only little more to go…. if we all follow all the precautions then only . Or…..
Otherwise,…it will be very difficult to control this virus.

Please.we all together can fight and win soon .
Take care



Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. Hemant Bailur.

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