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urban forest – Tiny forests or miniature urban forest

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Urban forest – Tiny forests or miniature

urban forest – Institute for Conservation Education based in the Netherlands




Ivan, the Institute for Conservation Education based in the Netherlands is embracing the

greening of urban spaces by growing tiny forests or miniature urban forest inspired by the Miyuki method.

These tiny forests generate 100 times more biodiversity and absorb more CO2 in just 20 years,

these resilient many forests can grow miraculously into mature ecosystems rather than 200 years,

which is the time it takes for a forest regenerate independently.

IBM’s mission is to connect people in nature by immersing its citizens in the

genuine beauty of nature within their own neighborhood. It has implemented this

pioneering growing method based on the work of Japanese botanist Akira Miyazaki.

The Sanctuary for Biodiversity supports up to 20 times as many species as non-native managed forests.

The animals that flourish in the diverse environment include local pollinators, butterflies and bees,

as well as beetles, snails and amphibians.

The Milwaukee method begins with the dense planting of a variety of seedlings from native

species in a space that’s typically the size of a tennis court. Minimal intervention is needed.

They can also serve as a way to teach the importance of nature, biodiversity,

as well as the devastating effect of climate change.

This outdoor classroom is particularly helpful to help educate and inspire future generations to protect our planet.

In December 2015, Irian planted his first tiny forest in London, the Netherlands, which has had impressive results.

It absorbed one thousand CG of carbon, up to 30 times better absorption compared to other tree planting systems.

It has attracted five hundred and ninety five different species of plants and animals,

plus it has processed 30000 liters of rain and provides up to 30 times better noise reduction.

It has also improved the well-being of local schoolchildren and communities.

After the first planting of the tiny forest in Zaandam,

IBM has since planted eighty five forests in the Netherlands in public spaces,

20 tiny forests on private properties and six hundred tiny forest gardens. In 2021,

Irian expects to plant at least one hundred and twenty five tiny forests in public areas,

40 tiny forests and private properties, and two thousand tiny forest gardens.


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