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Traffic engineering – innovative eating roller barrier system

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Traffic engineering – innovative eating roller barrier system

Traffic engineering – Developed by the South Korean firm Ettie





The innovative eating roller barrier system in which guardrails are equipper with rollers

that cushion the impact of collisions. Developed by the South Korean

firm Ettie or evolution in traffic innovation, these guardrails convert collision

energy into rotational energy to prevent cars from diverting off the road and

causing a secondary crash. This pioneering system overall reduces the forces

experienced by the occupants of the crushing vehicle.

This concept brings us back to the basics of physics, where a vehicle crashing

into an immovable barrier is subject to the same force as if it was hitting

an equal sized vehicle, traveling the same speed in the opposite direction.

In other words, these forces are immense, and converting them into a

glancing blow would greatly reduce the risk of injury to passengers.

It has also been point out that the design of the high roller barrier system

allows the out of control vehicle to bounce back into its lane with considerably

less momentum and therefore energy than it had when it hit the railing.

The guardrails of super bright reflectors that improved rouses visibility,

the shock absorbing rollers or rolling drums are made of ethyl vinyl acetate material,

which has superb flexibility in elasticity compared to other polyethylene based resins.

It’s comparable to rubber, but lighter. The material is also durable, long lasting and

chemically resistant, and it doesn’t degrade over time due to UVA exposure.

The design of the tightly space transforms heavy duty support to prevent the

crash vehicle from overturning the guardrail into a possibly hazardous area is different.

Three dimensional structure and shock absorbing bracket are responsible for

absorbing the secondary shock. Drivers won’t lose their steering capability

as the guardrails is upper and lower frames correct the tires of large and small cars.

The high roller barrier system reportedly meets both U.S. and European requirements

for barriers and is well proven in the South Korean market, with over

100 km in use on the country’s road network. Additionally, Etti has installed

a system for customers in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand,

as well as Latin America, including Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.



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