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Technology with advanced science – 3 New Innovations

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Technology with advanced science 1.

Technology with advanced science

Technology with advanced science

This is a reconfigurable continuous track robot or R. It’s a Caterpillar looking minimalist robot that alters its shape to accommodate whatever terrain or obstacle they may encounter to determine its path.

Are treads allowing it to climb and skip objects or gaps.

This is due to its use of an additional activator operating mechanism. That enabled the robot to build its track in the air created by David Zarrouk, the director of the Bio inspired and Medical Robotics Laboratory.

The clever process behind the bot is created by having flexible links that move across the activator.

These links are equipped with pins that lock in the rooks.

Research emphasizes modeling and developing original robots with unique mechanism that allow for simple and efficient control.

In addition to crawling robots, Zuruck and his team also developing unique serial robotic mechanism for space agriculture. Search and rescue and medical applications.

Technology with advanced science 2. 

Technology with advanced science 2

Technology with advanced science 2

When in need of more data storage, head to the deep blue Sea, that’s what Microsoft did when it ventured to the shores of Scotland’s Orkney Islands to conduct a research project to determine the feasibility of underwater data centers powered by offshore renewable energy.

It’s called Project Natick and it’s been years in the making with two phases. Now under its belt project, Natick’s mission is to explore manufacturing and operating. Energy self-sufficient underwater data centers that can deliver super-fast cloud services to coastal cities.

More than half of the world’s population reportedly lives within about 120 miles of the coast. Therefore, these underwater data centers near coastal cities would only require the data to travel a short distance to reach coastal communities.

This would result in quick and seamless web surfing, video streaming, and game playing, including authentic experiences for AI driven technologies.

Technology with advanced science 3.

Technology with advanced science 3

Technology with advanced science 3

MIT’s Mini Cheetah Robot, the 1st 4-legged robot to do a 360-degree backflip as if it’s competing at the Olympics, weighing a mere £20. This super agile quadruped is dexterity is like that of a real animal.

With fluidity it runs, jumps, bends, flips and swings, his legs and it can walk either right side up or upside down. This tiny beast of a robot has also mastered the cutest little. Knotted top speeds.

The little fella can reportedly trot over uneven terrain about twice as fast as an average person’s walking speed. Also, super robots and inexpensive to fix, Mike’s mini-Cheetah robot can take a hit like a champ when it was deliberately kicked during experimentation.

It proved to be resilient. The feisty robot can quickly correct itself with a swift swing of its elbows, which prompts it back up on all fours. Its most celebrated move, however, is the forementioned 360 degree backward from a standing position.


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