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Technology Robotics

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Technology Robotics – Robot 


This is robot. I’m autonomous boat that could provide cargo and passenger transport, autonomous garbage collection and on demand delivery.

Good service or form floating bridges and stages and other multitude of functions that would improve urban infrastructure and waterways remotely steered robot has orange propellers and for thrusters that are powered by an electric battery its speed is about four mph.

Technology Robotics - Robot 

Technology Robotics – Robot

We can operate for 12 to 24 hours depending on the battery type and cargo load. Robot is a futuristic concept presented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which teamed up with Stefan Van the director of Innovation at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.

This collaboration introduced robot prototypes in Amsterdam to navigate the Dutch city, 60 miles of canals and carry out tasks such as garbage collection and transporting passengers.

This autonomous technology has been especially relevant in high traffic ports where there is an abundance of. Missiles and ships accompanied by many quads and peers. 



Technology Robotics – human powered exoskeleton suit

Technology Robotics - human powered exoskeleton suit

Technology Robotics – human powered exoskeleton suit

The prostheses. A four-ton Syfy looking human powered exoskeleton suit or mix suit that looks like it should be featured on Hollywood’s big screen.

The Spherion exhibition prosthesis is meant to create a new human experience where the Extraembryonic platform strengthens the motion of a human pilot.

Whether you’re tackling terrain. Picking up automobiles, partaking in physical challenges or obstacle courses, prosthesis is a sports machinery.

Requires a trained athlete to operate it. This large-scale exotic beast was developed by Jonathan Tippett, a Canadian artist and inventor who’s been dubbed a backwards Tony Stark and his team, along with a partnership with Furoin, a global technology leader, as well as the University of British Columbia and numerous industry supporters.

What started as an art installation at the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert over 15 years ago turned into a mighty Pollution. 



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