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Technology – Robotics

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Technology – Robotics

Imagine if you had an extra digit a surgeon could perform without the need of an assistant. A factory worker could work more efficiently.

A waiter could carry extra wine glasses, and a parent could scoop up kid’s toys faster. The possibilities are endless.

Technology – Robotics – That’s why designer and engineer Danny Claude decided to develop a 3D printed robotic thumb called the Third Thumb.

Technology - Robotics Hand Finger

Technology – Robotics Hand Finger

Initially the device was part of her. Had your project at the Royal College of Art and was more a novelty than a prototype.

Exploring futurist ideas surrounding body augmentation. However, when a team of neuroscientists working at the Plasticity lab at University College London got wind of it, they decided to team up with Claw to further explore how an extra digit could augment our biological design and abilities.

This Technology – Robotics innovative invention that extends the natural capabilities of the biological hand can serve many functions. It could serve as a recovery tool for partial motor function in the aftermath of a stroke or to help.

Amputee the aging population was someone born with the hand difference.

It could also aid in the recovery process of someone who has broken an arm and therefore it would not impact the person’s profession.

Technology – Robotics, the integration of an extra digit is noninvasive, meaning that there is no surgical intervention that the thumb is controlled using precious sensors underneath the person’s big toes.

It’s worn on the side of the hand opposite the actual thumb, next to the little finger, researchers conducted trials where 20 subjects spent five days training in the lab to use the third thumb.

They were compared to an additional. Group of 10 control participants who wore a static version of the thumb during the same training.

The 20 subjects were also encouraged to take the device home and use it between two to six hours a day.

They carried out Dexter’s tasks, such as building a tower of blocks with one hand while simultaneously doing math problems or while blindfolded.

They found that with an extra digit, the volunteer could multitask, carry more objects than normal, hold an open a bottle of soda with just one hand, and even mastered the guitar.

The subjects had their brain scan using functional Maris pre and post training. Without the third Tom and while moving their fingers individually, researchers found subtle but significant changes within the brain sensory motor cortex in the hand.

I was augmented with the thumb, but not the other hand. The brain activity pattern corresponding to each individual finger became less distinct.

Yet a week later, after used the subjects as if MRI showed that changes in their brains hand area had subsided, therefore revealing that these changes in the brain might not be long term, while more research needs to be done.

One major question remains, how do you send motor commands to control? Extra body part without impairing your own body and without taking up too much cognitive load. 



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