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Technology – luxury SUV & Caravan

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If given the option at the same price point would you prefer a luxury SUV

or an electric Jetsons like personal aerial vehicle that resembles

a black fly if you are in for the flashy or more exciting ride,

then you’re in store for an aerial solar adventure like no other. Technology Designed by a California based company named opener.

The black flies are safe, easy to operate personal aerial vehicle with vertical takeoff and landing.

Plus the single seat fixed under wing aircraft has full electric propulsion.

The black fly is a future stream for exploration, easy transportation and no way to ditch the hassles of ground traffic.

Plus, it doesn’t require a pilot’s license to fly this little electric aerial beast.

This is reportedly due to its operating under Part 103 of the federal air regulations.

Technology  Like fly super easy to transport assembly takes just 30 minutes and it can be seamlessly disassembled and fit into a small truck.

It also can be super charge so it can charge to 80% in just 25 minutes, and it has takeoff and landing assistance.



Technology caravan, a sleek, eco friendly and futuristic spin on the old clunky gas guzzling traditional caravan is the Eco glamping of the future created by green cat technologies.

That is caravan is a self sufficient 360 degree rotating caravan that follows the sun to harness solar energy and uses a wind turbine to harness wind energy,

all while optimizing renewable technologies on board built on a circular track or an assembled pot for 360 degree rotation that is Caribbean also has solar panels and aforementioned built in vertical axis wind turbine,

which can generate up to 500 watts of power separately from one another.

It’s also equip with a sizable parabolic mirror that falls out of the roof and collects thermal energy from the sun.

The solar concentrator is then used to heat water for use in the shower and the kitchen sink.

It also has rose windows on the bedroom ceilings that allow campers to control the sunlight intensity within the cabin.



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