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Technology Innovation –  The Scewo bro

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Technology Innovation –  The Scewo bro


Technology Innovation – Swiss made self-balancing electric wheelchair


The scewo bro, a Swiss made self-balancing electric wheelchair that climb stairs with the fully automated transfer up or down.

This life changing mobility device can scale stairs, cobblestone forest paths and even once inaccessible places such as mountain

peaks and gorges in the right conditions. This new found and welcome independence for wheelchair users is due to scewo bro

retractable twin tracks that descend from its undercarriage and pistons until the chair back. It’s state of the art stabilization

system allows the user to climb steps that are up to 20 centimeters high at one step per second. It’s self-balancing technology,

which automatically maintains a level of seating, while driving not only allows for a smoother ride, but provides a sense of security and stability.

This feature is possible even if the driver doesn’t have any upper body stability. Wheelchair users will feel incredibly liberated,

given the stares of the biggest obstacle and many places are still not wheelchair accessible.

Skew overall allows the user to climb stairs upwards or downwards, straight or on a curve with a 20 to 30 six degree gradient.

The scewo bro overall is controlled through a joystick and through shifting one’s body weight,

its array of driving modes offers freedom, and its large wheels can effortlessly conquer any terrain,

including getting on and off public transport.

You will see is fully adjustable, and it has a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour with a twenty five kilometer range on a full charge.

Its maximum step height is two hundred millimeters and its maximum ramp incline is six degrees. Skewer also helps make wishes come true.

Wheelchair users from Switzerland, Austria and Germany can submit a short description of their wish or a video message

explaining how scewo bro can help them make realize it. For example, one users wish that came true was to drive

over a suspension bridge between two mountain peaks and enjoy a magnificent view at over 3000 meters.

Another 16 year old Scarborough user wished for an excursion to the Weissmuller Gorge to admire the

impressive rock monuments within their debts, and his wish also came true. 



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