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Technology Innovation – The lifts efoil all electric surfboard

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Technology Innovation – The lifts efoil all electric surfboard

Technology Innovation – looks awesome and fun to ride





The lifts efoil all electric surfboard, a motorized flying surfboard that silently soars over the water and is emission free,

low maintenance and could be the new wave of the future. The Airfoil, which looks awesome and fun to ride,

uses an advanced lithium ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all carbon fiber hydrofoil.

This tubular high-tech board is controlled by a wireless, Bluetooth and remote.

You can enjoy this unique and exhilarating experience for over an hour at twenty five miles per hour on a two hour charge.

Depending on the rider’s weight and speed, it’s commonly closer to 90 minutes of right time.


While the foil is for everyone from absolute beginners to top athletes, it’s generally recommended for riders ages 16

and up who weigh less than two hundred and sixty pounds. The supercooled board is available in four sizes the four foot four pro,

which is a smaller version of the advanced E4 board for swinging freely and aggressive turns.

The five foot sport, which is the ideal size for confident riders who want to challenge themselves.

The five foot six cruiser, a best seller that makes foiling easy with ample stability and plenty of excitement,

and the six foot two explorer, which offers total stability while coasting and leisurely exploring and is perfect for new or larger riders.

It also comes in three different sized wings, which is an important aspect of how the board rides and how it curves in terms.

He fools batteries made of custom lithium ion and a super durable,

waterproof and fully submersible and is built to take on the impacts of rugged marine settings.

Its battery weighs twenty nine pounds. It’s easily replaceable and rechargeable with charge times,

often under two hours. It has a warranty for a year of over three hundred charges. He falls propulsion system is powerful and reliable.

It’s liquid cooled, direct drive and built for extensive use. It’s wireless,

Bluetooth and remote doesn’t need to be charged and offers advanced throttle control and safety features.

It’s sealed, waterproof and has the ability to float. Additionally, it shuts off your board if the trigger is released or if it’s submerged in water.


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