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Technology Innovation – The Honda Jet elite

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Technology Innovation – The Honda Jet elite

Technology Innovation – unconventional aircraft






The Honda elite. A sleek five point twenty five million dollars aeronautical breakthrough that offers smooth flying and

a luxurious experience. The unconventional aircraft was inspired by a beautifully shape Salvatore Ferragamo high heel shoe,

says Honda Aircraft Company CEO Ameche M. Fujino. While on a trip to Hawaii, he spot the fancy hill and

thought of a beautiful no shave for the aircraft and immediately sparked ideas of merging functionality,

ergonomics and aerodynamics. According to Honda, the Honda jet elite is the fastest entry level jet in its class,

with a maximum cruise speed of four hundred and twenty two knots through airspeed, or four hundred

and eighty six miles per hour with the maximum cruising altitude of forty three thousand feet.



It’s rate the highest in its glass and design to be significantly more fuel efficient,

with a range of four thousand nine hundred thirty seven nautical miles, making it the farthest flying aircraft in its class.

The creation of the Honda elite marks the Japanese automaker second foray into the aeronautical space.

The first Honda jet was release back in 2015. It offers executive seating for four in the main cabin,

plus an optional side facing fifth seat, as well as two in the cockpit. The roomy cabin is also an ideal workspace thinking space,

quiet space and a relaxing space.

This private jet features a kitchen area equipped with a coffeemaker for super comfy plush leather seats and shiny veneer tables.

It also has a private toilet in the back that turns into a seat with a seat belt if need ones. By downloading an app on your smartphone,

you can easily control the shades, audio and lights with just a press of a button.

The Honda Elite is built with an over the wing engine mount configuration, meaning the engine is placed above the wings

and not on the body of the aircraft itself. This engineering feat took over two decades of extensive development and research.

To perfect this advancement is why it has a more spacious cabin, noise reduction and better fuel efficiency.

Adding to these innovations, this is composite fuselage and a natural laminar flow, or NLF fuselage,

nose and wing to reduce aerodynamic drag,

advanced aerodynamics and NLF technology were applied to the design of the main wing airfoil and fuselage nose shape.

This pioneering approach to engineering contributes to the jet elite’s high cruising speed and increased fuel efficiency.



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