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Technology Innovation – The first enclosed narrow vehicle

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Technology Innovation – The first enclosed narrow vehicle


Technology Innovation – E and V with active tilting technology




The car were the first enclosed narrow vehicle or E and V with active tilting technology that offers

a unique and exhilarating driving sensation like no other. The three wheeled hundred percent electric

Dutch innovation seamlessly maneuvers and tilts as you carve into corners.

This enclosed scooter Kinshasa liberating feeling it’s as if you’re flying over the road.

According to enthusiastic customers in its infancy, the car was featured on the popular British show Top Gear and received rave reviews.

While the car is not much larger than a scooter, it can accommodate two people a driver in the front and a passenger in the back,

and even some extra baggage. The car was a great alternative to the car. Public transport or the bicycle. It protects you from the elements.

It’s easy to park and can bypass traffic jams. It’s eco friendly, cost effective and it’s a blast to drive.

The was dimensions at two point eighty nine metres in length, one point forty nine metres in height and ninety eight centimeters in width.

Its maximum speed is twenty eight miles per hour or forty five kilometers per hour, and it accelerates to that speed in just eight seconds.

It’s fully electric. Joyride has a maximum power of two times two kilowatts and a maximum torque of two times 150 newton metres.

The wait, including the batteries, 330 CG, the unladen mass without batteries, two hundred and sixty CG, the maximum

weight allowed is five hundred CG charging time at 80 percent is four hours and 12 minutes in

a full charging time is five hours and 18 minutes. As mentioned, one of the major highlights of the car is its patented Dynamic Vehicle Control,

or DVC, which is a globally unique tilting technology. It has a maximum tilting angle of 40 degrees.

Regardless, if you’re on a curve or an uneven surface, the DVC will automatically adjust your balance.

This instinctively links the angle of your cockpit to your driving behavior and therefore safeguards

an optimal distribution of gravity no matter the circumstance. The car is equipped with a soft cabrio top sports interior,

three spoke sports steering wheel and electric windscreen defroster front end rear, three point seatbelts,

USB plug in charger, maxi white removable side mirrors, glass side windows, etc.. The power comes in four colors gunmetal,

gray, white, blue and tangerine.



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