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Technology Innovation – Technology For our Dirty Rivers

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Technology Innovation – Technology For our Dirty Rivers

Technology Innovation – The bubble barriers



The Great Bubble Barrier that uses the blocking power of bubbles to bring submerged plastic pollution to a river

surface where it can be collected and recycled. Most importantly, it keeps plastic waste from reaching the oceans,

where it can further harm marine life and the ecosystem as a whole. The Great Bubble,

Barry is the brainchild of a young and forward thinking Dutch startup located in the north of Amsterdam.

This airy mechanism consists of a tube with holes in it that are positioned on the bottom of a river by pumping air through the tube,

a bubble curtain is created. Then the efficiently formed air bubbles force plastics in the water to the surface,

therefore making them accessible for removal and recycling. This novel concept is used in the oil industry,

the dredging industry and in the Dutch lock system. The key to this process is the positioning of the eco friendly bubble barrier.

It’s most effective when the bubble barriers splits diagonally to the floor forever.


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This tactic utilizes the power of the river to force trash to the banks of the river, where it can be seamlessly removed from the water.

Besides the plastic waste cleanup, there’s another positive component of the Great Bubble Barrier,

which is that marine life isn’t disturbed or harmed when the barrier is created. Instead, fish and other wildlife

are able to easily maneuver through the bubbles. Shipping vessels are also able to easily pass through these beneficial bubbles.

Initially, the project kicked off with the first installation in an Amsterdam canal to prevent plastic from flowing into the North Sea.

Additionally, the creative team behind this bubbly solution presented at an expo there,

it showcase a small scale river with flowing water to illustrate the possibilities of his application in a waterway.

Eye opening findings show that 90 percent of the plastic found in the ocean originates from the 10 most polluted rivers in the world.

The startup’s goal is to reduce the eight million tonnes of plastic that enter the ocean daily and to establish waste free rivers.


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