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Technology innovation – solar sidewalk

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Technology innovation – solar sidewalk

Technology innovation – Charges u r phone and devices




Free and clean energy from a city’s payment has become a reality thanks to the creation of Platteville Solar Pavement.

The sustainable pavement was invented by the forward thinkers at Plateau, a Budapest based tech company

focused on creating sustainable building materials. It uses 100 percent recycled materials, including recycled plastic and glass,

as well as trash to create a plethora of solar payment based installation solutions in urban environments across the globe.

It’s been compared to turning regular sidewalks into tiny power plants that are generating clean energy from the pavement.

Plateau solar payment can be installed where conventional solar technologies cannot be implemented.

It has created aesthetically pleasing space saving green power sources within offices, residential buildings,

maritime infrastructures and smart cities. Since 2015, Pluto has been changing the game for businesses,

homes and entire cities by designing clean technology to create sustainable urban spaces.


Your solar payments design also transforms cities, buildings and homes into landmarks of twenty first century architecture.

Platteville Solar Payment operates on safe low voltage and is skid resistant so people won’t slip and fall when they walk across it.

It’s super efficient as its green energy is harvested by high performing solar cells that are integrated into the pavement.

Installation is quick and easy due to its modular design, which is comparable to conventional tiling when it comes to the elements.

This innovative technology is extremely durable thanks to its high quality engineering.

This aspect guarantees resistance to load impact scratches and whether it’s also protected from senseless and destructive vandalism.

Another key feature of Platteville Solar Payment is its low maintenance, which is similar to the upkeep of

any conventional pavement or regular roof mounted solar panels. This is particularly attractive for cities wanting to become

more eco friendly and efficient. Latios Solar Payment doesn’t take up valuable space, as this solar technology

literally becomes part of the built environment. While a lot of these innovative and futuristic concepts and prototypes

are just a look into what could be Platina Solar Payment is actually an already existing technology and

is available for installation for any business, home or city right now.



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