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Technology Innovation – Matia Robotics

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Technology Innovation – Matia Robotics

Technology Innovation – Tech robotic mobilization device





Matia Robotics has released its latest updated version of its tech robotic mobilization device, or tech R&D,

which is the new mobility platform that entirely reinvents the way people with paraplegia and other walking disabilities

can navigate the world and live life to the fullest. This innovative mobility device is specifically not labeled

as a wheelchair alternative, but instead is considered a life changing mobility platform that allows the disabled to safely sit,

stand and reach places that once were inaccessible completely independently.

This brand new empowering mobility devices now available in indoor and outdoor versions.

This change is made possible by its optional outdoor version kit, which is now included with the tech R&D

so the user can switch between indoor and outdoor modes for maximum mobility.


It also has an optional motorized electric standard to make a smooth transition from sitting to

a standing position and affordable seat to ease transfers in and out of the tech R&D. Its compact size

allows it to fit through narrow spaces that are inaccessible to wheelchairs. Not in use. For example,

when the user wants to sit on the couch or a chair and be completely free from the mobility device,

the tech R&D can be easily maneuvered by a remote control to another spot that’s out of the way.

Then, using the remote control, the user can easily retrieve the tech R&D. It’s also equipped with a joystick

for easy and accessible maneuvering. A key safety feature to the tech RMD is the secure boarding onto

the device from its back, which doesn’t require assistance. This allows for safe mounting and dismounting

while in a seated position, and eliminates the need for often dangerous maneuvers that are required for

getting into wheelchairs, including using upper body strength and momentum to hoist into it.

It’s state of the art suspension system contains a guest spring mechanism that balances the weight of the user,

so standing up only requires a gentle pull.



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