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Technology Innovation – Aptera

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Technology Innovation – Aptera


Technology Innovation – The first three wheeled solo electric vehicle



Aptera . The first three wheeled solo electric vehicle that requires no charging for most daily use and has an over 1000 mile range.

In other words, this sleek Batman like eco friendly vehicle draws less than one hundred watt hours per mile for daily

driving and can go five times farther than other electric vehicles with the same sized solar system the company boasts annually.

This first never charge electric vehicle, the solar capability is impressive as well up terror harvest enough sunlight to travel

over eleven thousand miles per year in most regions. Aptera has liquid cooled electric motors that propel

the car from zero to 60 and as fast as three point five seconds with a top speed of one hundred and ten miles per hour.

Aptera can take on inclement weather thanks to its all wheel drive and Victoria’s torque that offers control, stability and comfort.

Come equipped with adjustable settings built into its user interface, the solar electric show stopper keeps drivers updated

with ways they can conserve energy and extend the range in real time. In addition to shuttering industry performance achievements,

terror is built with lightweight composites that are overall stronger than steel, allowing its distinctive body shape to

glide through the air with an unheard of drag coefficient of zero point one three.


 It’s also elegantly constructed with just four key structural parts instead of three hundred, like a typical electric vehicle.

This is intentional for several reasons. Fewer parts equals a more cost effective, easier built up. Terror uses 3D printed tooling,

therefore less labor is involved and therefore less manufacturing space is needed. It also has made noteworthy

advancements in low drug aerodynamics and cooling. Bottom line up terror can quickly and inexpensively

scale based on demand wallop terror looks bad As for the solar electric vehicle category?

Passenger safety is one of the main priorities for the company. With that said, Aptera is equipped with a Formula

One inspired safety cell, advanced airbag technology and energy absorbing composite material made of steel and aluminum.

It also has an advanced safety pilot with other safety features such as Lane Keep, adaptive cruise and emergency braking,

as well as facial tracking. This futuristic ride can also drive you to your destination with this level two autonomy capability.


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