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Technology innovation – 3D printed mobile smart house

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Technology innovation – 3D printed mobile smart house

Technology innovation -Designed by a startup called Passive Dome





A self-sustainable 3D printed mobile smart house that can be placed or relocated seamlessly and fast without the need of a foundation.

All you need is a flat surface. Nothing like the modular homes of the past House, not me generates its own electricity and water,

so you can be truly off grid, which is key in times like these. Designed by a startup called Passive Dome,

House Dot means redefining the meaning of ownership without the restrictions of just one zip code. Instead,

its mission is for every human to wake up with the view they want wherever they may be in the world.

It’s affordable, yet modern and chic Mobile House can be used as a primary residence, a vacation home, a guest house,

a studio or an income producing secondary dwelling such as an Airbnb rental or as an autonomous hotel unit.

Plus, this versatility means that house, not me, can be placed in your dream location, such as a picturesque mountaintop,

a serene oceanfront or in a stunning and peaceful remote forest. It can also be used in global disaster areas for aid administration,

temporary or military housing. How stopped me also comes equipped with water tanks, solar energy,

battery storage and autonomous sewage, so you don’t need to rely on a propane tank,

firewood or need to be connected to electricity, water or sewage.

Another plus is that it’s pre equipped with top of the line furniture, a fully equipped kitchen,

Sony’s speaker system, Nest Camera Thermostat, Apple TV, 100 inch projector screen,

twenty four seven internet connection and a fingerprint door lock.

The House also has twenty four intelligence subsystems and uses space station technologies.

Its resistant materials include carbon fiber, durable polymers and six panes of guarded glass that make up the exterior surface,

while natural wood is used for the interior. It’s also pest and rust resistant. Currently,

the models include off the grid studio with a kitchen and a bathroom starting from two hundred thousand U.S. dollars.

A two bedroom single family house with a kitchen and a bathroom starting from three hundred and eighty thousand dollars,

and the two floors, three bedrooms, two baths, luxury family house. Starting from $1 million.


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