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Technology for vehicle.

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Technology for vehicle. 1


This is the ceramic speed, our cutting a chain less bike that transmits power to its wheels through a groundbreaking 99% efficient multi speed drive train concept called driven.

The eliminates the need for both the complex front and Ridge Railes as well as the chain in standard bikes and drive train consists of all the parts that you use to push or pull the bike along including the pedals, cranks, chain rings, chain.

Technology for vehicle 1

Technology for vehicle 1

OH, Locksets and derailleur. A derailleur is a variable ratio bicycle gearing system that consists of a chain,

multiple sprockets or different sizes, and a mechanism from which to move the chain ceramic speed teamed up with the mechanical engineering department at the University of Colorado to develop a draft shop concept that has taken the cycling industry to a new level as the world’s most efficient drivetrain driven creates 49% less friction but rivalled against the market leading chain and derailleur drivetrain.


Technology for vehicle. 2

This is the Prinoth Panther, a mighty robot track utility vehicle that can access difficult work sites and trash through mud, gravel or snow without damaging the terrain.

This is due to a key feature. It’s low ground pressure design that allows you to venture into places where standard wheeled vehicles sync built with stability and floatability its most precious assets, the Prinoth Panther.

Technology for vehicle 2

Technology for vehicle 2

And seamlessly operate in challenging work environments, including mining, construction, oil and gas, and electric utility.

These all terrain and all-weather rubber track crawler carriers offer a pump drive or PTO with one-to-one access to the engine.

This enables OEMs or original equipment manufacturers to use the same pumps as they do on trucks.

Prinoth tracked vehicles tread lightly yet simultaneously they can carry the biggest payloads up to a whopping £46,000 or 20,865 kilograms worth of equipment, materials and Supplies.


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