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Technology for shipping & Naval industry.

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Technology for shipping & Naval industry – 1

This is the Viking life Cross system, a state-of-the-art hybrid that has the dependability of a lifeboat and the flexibility, comfort and smaller footprint of a life raft.

It offers quick, massive activation with maximum safety for passengers and crew. This innovative high-capacity ship evacuation system can rescue up to 800 people in just 30 minutes thanks to its clever design developed by.

Viking lifesaving equipment in Denmark. This remarkable evacuation system includes 4 escapeway issues that can safely and effectively evacuate people with a life jacket and special booties.

Technology for shipping & Naval industry 1

Technology for shipping & Naval industry 1

The passengers slide one by one down the evacuation chutes. There’s also a specially design shoot that helps evacuees with special needs as well as children, the elderly and those on stretchers.

This adds a new layer of safety that might not always be factored in and adds a new standard for full spectrum marine evacuation.



Technology for shipping & Naval industry – 2

Technology for shipping & Naval industry - 2

Technology for shipping & Naval industry – 2

The US Navy on the secret indoor ocean and it can conjure up any type of wave it desires from calm seas to typhoons, it’s a 360 foot long and 240-foot-wide body of water, where depths ranging from 20 to 35 feet.

It’s called the maneuvering and seakeeping basin, and it’s a computer control system with 12 million gallons of water. That can create any condition.

Its moniker is the mask and it’s located at the naval Surface Warfare Center in Carde rock, Maryland. Built in 1962, the facility originally had a large pneumatic wave making machine, yet in 2013, after a major innovation, that system was replaced by 216 individually controlled electromechanical wave boards.

These massive wave boards are lined up around the pulse parameter to recreate various ocean conditions.



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