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Technology for Health – Care & Development.

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Technology for Health – Care & Development. 1



Technology for Health - Care & Development. 1

Technology for Health – Care & Development. 1

This is 3D pads, a new brand from New Jersey based design from dive design.

The creators of the advanced full limb prosthetic, the skill techy animal lovers specialize in making customized prosthetics for animals using 3D technology and consult with orthopedic vets in addition to full limb prosthetics.

The team. Also makes custom wild cards with harnesses for animals with two front deformities or without any front limbs and are unable to walk these full limb prosthetics and carts are lightweight, durable, waterproof, flexible and breathable for these adorable little furry fellas.

There are also made with shock absorbing feet and wheels and have adjustable settings to accommodate weight change. They need to be reward with treats for their hard work after all.


Technology for Health – Care & Development. 2


Technology for Health - Care & Development. 2

Technology for Health – Care & Development. 2

Did you know that getting your haircut bringing freedom to the groomer, visiting your local farm, or doing laundry could have a direct impact on the cleanup of a major or minor oil spill?

Plus, these tasks would ultimately save marine life habitats and plants. Apparently human hair clippings from hair salons, animal fur from pet groomers, fleece wool, feathers from farms and laundry lint can be upcycled into felted.

Fiber hair mats and hair bones that aid in the cleanup of oil spills. Hair is super effective at cleaning up oil as it repels water and can collect contaminants.

These natural, cost effective and renewable products are made by hand and weaved together by machines. They soak up Petro chemicals in storm drains, wells, filtration systems, rivers and oceans.

While hermits are ideal for surface area, all spills clean up the aforementioned her bones are effective in another way.

They’re made of hair and fiber that stuffed into recycle burlap sacks or pantyhose. They look like stuffed sausages and can sandbag and protect coves and beaches.


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Technology for Health – Care & Development. 3


Technology for Health - Care & Development. 3

Technology for Health – Care & Development. 3

Innovative spin on the conventional wind turbine. It’s called ice Wind and it’s one of the most robust wind turbines out there.

Its clever design was intended for the harsh Icelandic weather conditions, but it can work anywhere.

This is due to his haughty vertical axis that is designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Tackle hurricane force winds and take advantage of gentle Carnes as well. Made from carbon fiber, stainless steel.

An aircraft grade aluminum ice wind turbines can also be installed in even the most remote locations.

Unlike traditional wind turbines that are massive and interrupt the esthetics of the landscape, Iceland has a smaller and smarter profile.

While it can also be built on a larger scale, its blades are compact and essentially have been flipped on the other side and widened.

This design enables the turbine to utilize the wind from any direction. There are many benefits to having a nice wind turbine.

It’s quiet and affordable to operate because it’s designed barely requires any maintenance plus it. And last, we’re up to 20 years.

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