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Technology For Environment. Two New Innovations.

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1. Technology For Environment. New Innovation. 

According to the World Health Organization‘s air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats to human health alongside climate change.

That’s why Berlin, Germany based Green City solutions invented city tree,

a 14 foot rich green wall of Moss that serves as a biotech filter that purifies the air and has the efficiency of 275 trees.

Both sustainable and regenerative city trees, most cultures will define dust in harmful pollutants and absorb particulate matter and nitrogen oxides,
and as a result in with clean air.
In return, this process involves IoT based technology which includes an interaction of sensors, intelligent ventilation,
irrigation and software. A city tree reportedly removes up to 82% of fine dust from the air and improves its quality by up to 53%.


2. Technology For Environment. Another Innovation. 

The electron, As you remission East bike that meets you halfway between a bicycle and a car, it allows you to exercise with the added perks of a bike.

It’s eco friendly, smooth and comfortable, and it protects you and your cargo from the elements and allows you to avoid traffic.

It stand over height is only 17 inches, plus it has a swing away front faring and easily deployed. Santa stand and understeer handlebars that make getting on and off a real singe. It’s peddling station is mounted sufficiently off the ground.

Therefore you can rule out the possibility of pedal strike on tight corners. This sleek.

Attractive ebike with dual Motors has controlled our intuitive and seamless and only include a throttle breaks and turn signals.

The electron allows the Rider to continuously pedal at a constant effort without the need to shift gears to match the human energy to the speed the vehicle is traveling.

This is especially beneficial when you’re dealing with stop and go fluctuations in a city.




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