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Technology for Development – 3 New Innovations.

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Technology for Development – 1 New Innovation. 

Technology for Development - 1 New Innovation. 

Technology for Development – 1 New Innovation.

3D printing just got denser and more intense thanks to Spain and Las Vegas based Melkior, thus mastering multi metal 3D printing.

Designed for industry without the need for industrial infrastructure. Maletis, laser, metal deposition, or LMD processes developed using wire the safest, cleanest and cost-effective raw material to supply or fuel the machine or industrial process.

LMD is a directed energy deposition or deed process. It works with literally laser focus precision by intricately stacking world beads on top of one another in powder or wire.

Upon entering into the laser generated melt pool, in addition to a single wire, dual wire or wire and powder materials, melt us process currently supports steel, titanium, and Inconel alloys. 



Technology for Development – 2 New Innovation. 

Technology for Development - 2 New Innovation. 

Technology for Development – 2 New Innovation.


Climate change is in full force and depending on where you live, it may be more blatantly obvious, especially in cities facing more intense storms and temperature fluctuations.

Vietnam, for example, is anticipated to be more susceptible to floods, typhoons, heat waves, and severe drought. The most cyclical climatic events of these are heat waves, accompanied by the need for modern air conditioning.

This comes with a hefty cost and environmental impact due to high energy consumption and the leaking of coolant gas into the atmosphere. So instead of contributing to the problem, our global French multidisciplinary firm made up of engineers and architects named Arab decided to come up with a better solution.

They developed a low tech, affordable and sustainable bamboo prototype as an AC alternative. Arab sees this opportunity to design alternative urban cooling system that in use energy or any cooling gas during the whole architecture and urbanism via knowledge 2021. Building the resilient city.



Technology for Development – 3 New Innovation. 


Technology for Development - 3 New Innovation. 

Technology for Development – 3 New Innovation.

Italians who are celebrated for their devotion to architecture and history are turning a new chapter in the love of design.

But now within the 3D printing space, Italy’s pioneering 3D printing company WASP short for world’s Advanced Saving Project,

teamed up with Maria Cucinella Architects to design the 1st House 3D printed from Raw Earth, this Sustainable living project called Tekla,

which signifies. Technology and Clay is a state-of-the-art eco habitat based on a circular housing model built in the Massa Lombarda region in northern Italy.

The house was made using only reusable and recyclable materials sourced from natural products, adaptable to any climate.

In addition to clay rice straws and hospital also used for the construction. Given the local saw was used and no materials needed to be transported to the construction site, the operation is considered zero waste and has a low carbon footprint.



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