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Technology for Air & Water.

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Technology for Air 

Developed by German Automation company, its robotic bird uses aerodynamics to fly.

Basically, all it needs to do is flap its wings and it takes off so swift and smooth and flight with dexterous movements.

The smart word seamlessly transitions from gliding to steep turns and loops. You almost have to do a triple take to realize this robotic.

Technology for Air 

Technology for Air

Word Smart Bird is an energy efficient, autonomous robotic bird with no additional Dr mechanism, meaning it takes off fires and lands all by itself. Inspired by the herring gull, it’s super light but powerful.

It’s made of carbon fiber, glass fiber and polyurethane foam with a length of 1. 07 meters and a span of 1. 96 meters. It waves only 450 grams.

The mechanics of the smart bird rings are impressive. It flies without the use of additional lift devices.

The wings move up and down, but also twisted certain angles. Directional control thanks to an active, articulated torsional drive. 



Technology for Water.

No matter the size of a way, what the weather conditions wave energy will be harvested.

Meat, web tools and ashamed floating wave energy converter that is designed to extract wave energy input in a fresh and innovative way.

Built with a floating angular construction, the wave energy converter is adaptive to sea conditions by adjusting its spring angle it can regulate the wave energy input.

Technology for water

Technology for water

And reduce the impact during harsh weather conditions developed by Danish company web tools whose acronym stands for wave energy Power Takeoff system.

Where does is said to be more cost effective at producing electricity than existing offshore wind turbines?

The reshape structure absorbs the wave energy through a line of rotors which rotate to convert waves into electricity.

The breakdown is that each rotor transmits the energy to a common axle directly attached to a generator.



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