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Swayam, Self Search – Great Social work during Covid-19

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Swayam, Self Search – Great Social work during Covid-19

During covid -19 helping hand



Thank you God,  

For saving us from this deadly virus, till now and please continue doing social work.

So many are suffering ,dying because of this virus.
The world is shaken up .

Sole bread earner is dead..

the saving are finished ,treating infected family members,

lost jobs ..

So much of pain everywhere. 

God, you saved us till now from this pain, in future also do so ,I know you have saved me for a purpose to help others .
I will definitely help according to my capacity physically ,mentally, emotionally, and financially. know you are watching..
will not run away from my duties. I will do so..

Please, forgive us for any delay or negligence. I know you’re watching. 

will donate and help known and unknown people .

I will do the best ,whatever I can, to spread awareness of this virus .
though, I will and I am facing great difficulties to do so ..I will stand strong because .
my pain and difficulties are not at all bad as people are suffering because of various reasons. and now with this pandemic. 

God ,I know you have given me so many special qualities, strength to me social work
I know everyone has to payback before leaving this world for our…
Internal.. last journey.
and I will keep using all my best qualities in best possible ways to help others, throughout my life. Or whatever life I have.
Forgive us and guide us through out our journey in this world 

Now ,please show us a way to come out of this pandemic. Always shower your love, kindness and guidance on us, so won’t loss our way towards social work humanity. 

Swayam, Self Search - Great Social work during Covid 19

Swayam, Self Search – Great Social work during Covid 19

Take care ,all of you.

Stay safe, Stay blessed. 

Sunita Rao Bailur. 
Dr. Hemant Bailur. 
Swayam, Self Search.

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