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“Street Fighter 6” New Game Challenge.

“Street Fighter 6” is the newest challenger to join GeForce right now.




This week, seven new titles will be added to the GeForce NOW collection, which members may anticipate.


This GFN Thursday, Capcom’s newest game in the venerable Street Fighter series, Street Fighter 6, will have its cloud debut. The game is the first of six new titles to join the GeForce NOW catalogue, alongside Ubisoft’s XDefiant.

Members of the cloud gaming service who are Ultimate and Priority receive a new award. By choosing to enrol in the GeForce NOW Rewards program, GeForce NOW customers who are new to Xbox PC Game Pass can receive three months of Microsoft’s subscription service for free for a short period.


In addition, be sure to follow @NVIDIAGFN on X to view beautiful in-game settings where players are sending #GreetingsfromGFN.


Prepare to Rumble


Get the full Hadoken experience by playing Street Fighter 6 on GeForce NOW. With fierce battles, special techniques, combinations, and Super Art assaults to destroy opponents, the well-known 2D fighting game is back. There has never been a better moment to attack the streets with a cast of 22 legendary fighters, featuring all-new characters like Kimberly, Jamie, Marisa, and Manon, as well as legendary World Warriors like Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, and Akuma.


With three unique game modes—Battle Hub, World Tour, and Fighting Ground—the most recent release offers players additional features and improved graphics that allow them to advance and test their mettle. Both new players and die-hard aficionados are enthralled with the game’s unique combination of vintage features and modern improvements.


With a GeForce NOW Ultimate subscription, you can watch all the battle glory in breathtaking 4K quality and become a World Warrior in the cloud. Get online and compete head-to-head with others to see every punch, kick, and Hadoken.


Intense gunplay and tactical squad dynamics are combined in the free-to-play first-person shooter XDefiant. Players may personalize their load-outs and participate in action-packed fights in this game, which is set in a universe where factions are drawn from well-known Ubisoft properties conflict. Select between cunning strategy and full-on violence for an exciting and varied multiplayer experience.


With an Ultimate membership, be ready for tactical showdowns and exhilarating firefights in up to 240 frames per second. In the conflict with opposing groups, every frame matters.


Enter the Pass Lane.


Prepare for an exciting summer of gaming. Microsoft’s service is now available for three free months to GeForce NOW Ultimate and Priority users who are new to PC Game Pass and a part of the GeForce NOW Rewards program.

Members may play top-notch Xbox PC games with the power of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX server in the cloud by utilizing PC Game Pass and GeForce NOW. Take part in the action in well-known series like Forza Motorsport, Remnant II, and Starfield. Additional games are released every GFN Thursday.

This exclusive deal is exclusively accessible to GeForce NOW users who are brand-new to PC Game Pass, and it will not last long.


Handle Mischief


Play Sneak Out by Kinguin Studios and have tons of fun and mayhem. Step into the Haunted Castle and get ready to hunt, hide, or play tricks, causing hilarious mayhem as you attempt to emerge victorious in a deadly game of hide & seek.

Take a look at this week’s lineup of new games:

XDefiant (Ubisoft) Farm Together 2;

Farm Together 3;

Chromolyp Liquidators;

Killer Klowns from Outer Space:

The Game; Autopsy Simulator;


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