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solar energy conclusion – UK’s first electric charging station

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solar energy conclusion – UK’s electric charging station

solar energy conclusion – clean solar energy and innovative battery storage technology





The electric forecourt by Grid serve, the UK’s first ever all electric charging station that’s powered

by clean solar energy and innovative battery storage technology. It offers super fast, reliable and cheap

charging for up to 36 cars simultaneously at twenty four pence per kilowatt hour.

The electric forecourts first site is located in Braintree, Essex, and delivers clean energy to an array of vehicles,

from cars and motorbikes to buses and ATVs. The 36 charges include 24 D.C.

charges with 12 up to three hundred and fifty kilowatts and 12 up to 90 kilowatts.

Six AC charges up to twenty two kilowatts and six Tesla Superchargers.

So just 20 minutes you can add 200 miles of range.

The electricity is generated by solar power canopies that are located above the EV chargers,

as well as a network of hybrid solar farms also operated by Grid Serve.

The UK’s first subsidy free solar farm in Clay Hill has teamed up with Braintree Electric Forecourt to provide

100 percent renewable energy via the National Grid. Additionally, a six megawatt hours battery is available on site,

which helps to balance the local energy grid and shift energy to periods when it’s more valuable to

during chilly and windy winter nights.

The battery can store enough energy to drive twenty four thousand miles in electric vehicles the following day.

This optimizes renewable energy resources stabilizes the grid while keeping prices low.

Drivers can also unwind and shop in the state of the art facilities, including a retail space accommodating

best of British partners, including W. Smith Travel, Costa Coffee Foods, Post Office and Gourmet.

There’s also a waiting lounge, free, speedy Wi Fi. Quality bathrooms. A dedicated children’s area.

A wellbeing area with exercise bikes that generate electricity and business meeting room pods.

Eco conscious backers behind the electric forecourt project include Grid Serve, Hitachi Capital,

Innovate UK and the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. Large scale charging infrastructure is a game changer in the UK

and hopefully in the rest of the world. Not only does it address drivers as charging concerns,

but it will help catapult massive electric vehicle adoption much earlier than the 2030 gasoline,

petrol and diesel ban. Over the next five years, over 100 electric forecourts are expected to be built.



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