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Society bylaws – Pdf Download

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Society bylaws – Pdf Download

Society bylaws – Housing Co-operative Societies




Friends, we buy a house worth 15, 20, 40, 50, 60 lakhs, but cannot buy a bylaws of 100, 200 Rs.

If laws are not known, what is the difference between an uneducated person and an educated person?

We, who talk a lot about politics and socialization, are silent when it comes to our own rights! We have become so double-minded!

The selfish mentality that I am good, my house is good and my wife is good, children are good has been increased in the past few years and the corrupt brokers have taken advantage of it!

Friends, we take home, initially we are happy, but after some days we start to have one question, and doubts start forming in our mind,


Many such people buy houses in a single project and its a housing association/society is formed


Society bylaws – Pdf Download


Friends, the working of a Housing Society also works like a Gram Panchayat, Municipal Corporation, Vidhan Sabha or Lok Sabha i.e. the procedure is almost the same.
Therefore, every member needs to pay attention from the beginning,

The fact that we pay maintenance every month means that we should also pay attention,
Responsibility does not end with just paying the maintenance…

You should participate in the work and you should also pay attention to the work!

However, we buy houses ranging from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

You don’t buy a book of biology for Rs 300,
In fact, it is not even known that there is a bylaw in the beginning.

By asking questions on different Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups you will definitely get an answer to a question but,

There is no possibility that your flat, house will be safe,

So buy the Bylaws book, read it, attend every meeting,
Ask questions, but don’t argue, it won’t solve the problem!

If you have not attended the meeting earlier, check the previous documents and make a written request to the committee…

You should download the pdf from the links I have given below,

It contains many questions and answers on every topic related to society.

Society bylaws – Pdf Download


Bylaw’s book,
Moreover, Bylaw’s books are also available on Amazon.
Must Buy Read….

Books with accompanying photographs are available from Government Printing Offices,
Government Printing Offices are located in Mumbai, Nashik and Pune!


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