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Six free games are available to download

Six free games are available to

download and play on Steam forever.



Six new titles are currently available for free on the Steam digital store. Once claimed, they are yours to keep indefinitely.
Once again, Steam is on point with a plethora of free games for you to add to your collection.

Even if they’re never as thrilling as the newest AAA releases, they’re still worth checking out if you haven’t before since occasionally there are a few hidden gems within the stack. And they’re free, so how are you going to be upset?
See if any of the six titles and brief descriptions below grab your attention.

Off Air is a chaotic first-person shooter set in a constantly evolving setting and combining skill and style.
A “high-speed online multiplayer cross-platform VR game” is how MechaLeague is characterized. Grip hooks, a characteristic that modern games must have, are included in this free game along with engaging movement mechanics.

In the “flooded future world” of Thunder Age, a tower defence game, humanity has discovered a means to generate power “during the raging thunderstorms.”
What could be easier than playing Wind Rider, an infinite glide game where the obstacles in your path are all produced at random? You may choose to focus on getting the best score or just having fun.

A tower defence game designed with sofa co-op in mind is called Little Keepers.

The official description reads, “Build your enemies, destroy your defences, and restore chaos in the garden!” It was the exact reverse, though.

You must climb a mountain in the challenging game Above, testing your resolve, endurance, and skills along the way.
These are the six games that you can download for free right now to your Steam library. Don’t worry if none of them catch your attention; there are always more games available.



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