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Shraddha Walker’s murder in Delhi

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Shraddha Walker’s murder in Delhi


Shraddha Walker’s murder in Delhi by her live-in partner Aftab shocked everyone in India and outside India. He
carefully planned and executed this gruesome, horrific, cruel murder and he was confident that he would never be

Personally, it has shaken me to my core and it’s beyond my imagination how a human mind could create such a brutal
act. This is something that raises a lot of questions about the relationships and clues that we ignore in our

The motive, details of their relationship, and more clues are being uncovered in news reports every day. However,
the biggest mistake she did was that she continued to be in a relationship with Aftab despite his violent behavior
towards her and his volatile personality, and Aftab got the confidence to do this horrific act.

I would like to offer my sincere advice to girls and women who live alone, live in relationships, or are married-

1) Please speak up if you are facing violence at home or at work.

2) Speaking up is very very important for your safety.

3)Relationships are very important, especially with family,

friends, and dear ones, and your self-esteem and ego are not important, and it’s not important more than your life.
and, If you notice something like this among your friends/ neighbors, please speak up and offer help to that person.

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