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Story | Shiv Pratap Day

Story | Shiv Pratap Day





Shiv Pratap Day




Shahaji Raja was released by Adil Shah due to a letter from the Emperor of Delhi. Afzal Khan was the most saddened that Shahjiraj escaped from the clutches of the Emperor of Bijapur. Afzal Khan always compared Shahjiraj to himself. Afzal Khan hated Shahjiraj terribly. Afzal Khan was a cruel traitor and equally brave. In order to break the rebellion of Shivaji Raja, Afzal Khan had taken up the task before Adil Shah to capture him alive or dead. 

The Bijapur court sent Afzal Khan with a large army to attack Shivaji. Knowing that it would be difficult for Shivaji Raj to be defeated in a straight match, Afzal Khan planned a trick in his mind. Afzal Khana, the deity whom Jijamate hated so much, had himself risen on the life of Shivaji Maharaj, his beloved son. As soon as Aurangzeb left for the north, Shivaji Maharaj’s succession began to be considered in the court of Bijapur. When Khan Muhammad died, Khawas Khan became the vizier, and Afzal Khan, the only loyal and brave chieftain, remained under Adil Shah.

 In the summer of 1659, the idea of sending it to Shivaji Raja came to Bijapur. Aisaheb was restless with the news of Khana. His life began to deteriorate. Because this same Khan had treacherously killed the Sambhaji kings in the battle of Kanakagiri. Shahaji Maharaj was taken from Karnataka to Mirwat with shackles on his hands and feet. Adil Shah was very fond of Afzal Khan. Because he had earned a good reputation in the war in Karnataka.

 A similar situation had arisen in Bijapur: 

if Shivaji Raj was not overthrown, his kingdom would end. The region of Karnataka was invaded by Shahaji Rajas, and Shivaji Rajas became independent by capturing the strongholds of Jawli, Sinhagad, and Purandar. Then it became inevitable in the Bijapur court to overthrow them by fighting or treachery.



Due to the invasion of Aurangzeb and the system in the court, Bijapur did not have enough forces to fight against Shivaji Raja and conquer him. Afzal Khan was the only one who was courageous. Bade Sahebini gave him 12,000 troops with great defeat and told him another trick to kill Shivaji or capture him alive by deception or any other means by showing the lure of friendship. Khan’s reputation for hypocrisy was great. Afzal Khan accepted this achievement with great enthusiasm and vowed, ‘I will catch a rat from this mountain alive or dead and bring it here.

separated from Bijapura. Afzal Khan was working in the Bijapuri court from the beginning because Shivaji Raj’s residence was in Pune, preventing him from going there. Afzal Khan was fanatical, ambitious, brave, murderous, and loyal to Adil Shah. He hated the Bhosale family very much. If he took a task upon himself, he used to risk his life and follow good deeds to complete that task. He was very popular in his Jahgiri, in the army.

He had a reputation as a good administrator with strict discipline. He used to impose very severe and strict discipline for the welfare of the ryots. No one doubted Khan’s prowess, good stewardship, and bravery, but everyone had an idea about Khan’s blasphemous, cruel, and treacherous nature. Afzal Khan had set out to capture Shivaji Maharaj, alive and dead.

While walking on Pandharpura, Bhima was frightened by Chandrabhaga Khana’s ride. In Pandharpur, Khan had performed an orgy. By deliberately destroying Hindu shrines, he showed the maturity of his religion. He went to Tuljapur and damaged the temple of Bhawani Devi due to the plight of Vithoba of Pandharpur.


The people were frightened by Khan’s riding. Even Shivaji Raja himself was worried. Because Afzal Khan, who has a strong physique and a deceitful nature, must fail the task undertaken! Afzal Khan had to complete his work by force or fraud. Afzal Khan was superior in all respects. In such a dire situation, Jijau raised the spirits of Shivaraj without any hesitation.

As soon as he heard that Afzal Khan was coming, Shivaji Maharaj himself and the great and knowledgeable chieftains in Shivajiraj’s court also expressed concern for the life of the king. Shivajiraje of Nirvani had spoken to the extent that if something terrible happened during the Khan’s visit, his son Sambhaji would take over the administration. Jijau’s mind was worried, but he was sure that his mighty son Shivaba would not stop taking revenge. Khana had a big plot. After destroying Tuljapur and Pandharpur, Shivaji will come out of the mountain fort in anger.

They will come out and attack us. It would be very easy to crush a pinch of Shivajiraj’s army in an open field. But Shivaji Maharaj was very smart. He was not going to do anything out of anger. Jijau’s advice was for a revolution. Maharaj had left on the advice of Isaheb. Saying goodbye to my mother was the most difficult thing. Jijau’s mind was filled with fear and worry.

But Jijau was very patient. In politics, she used to act with caution. She was a constant supporter and encourager of Shivaji Raja, and even though all this is true, she was ultimately a mother. Birth of Shivaba There were scissors. While leaving, the king came from Raigad to Pratapgadi with his head at his mother’s feet and her blessing as ‘Victory Bhava’. Shivaji Maharaj November 10, 1659, became the day of visit. Jijau’s real wish was that Shivaji Maharaj should visit the Khan at Pratapgad itself.


 Later, during the visit, Khana treacherously attacked Shiv Raya. Shivaraya took notice of the situation, punched the tiger in Khana’s stomach, and took out his bag. Later, Syed Banda attacked Shivajiraj. Jiva Mahal quickly came forward. Resisting the Sayyid Rebellion, he broke Khan’s hand on top and saved Shivaji Raja. It is said, “Hote jiwaji wachle shivaji maharaj shivaji.” Khan was soundly defeated. Afzal Khan’s eldest son, Fazal Khan, fled. Two small children and some chieftains were found in Shivarai’s captivity. Shivaraya further treated them with love and included them in Swarajya.

When Jijau heard the news of Afzal Khan’s killing, he was overjoyed. Jijau’s heart was filled with joy. After the killing of Afzal Khan, the Maylekars met. Jijau took revenge on Sambhaji by holding Shivba on his stomach. I was blinded by him. After killing Afzal Khan, Khan’s head was dismembered and sent to visit Jijau at Rajgad. The head was then buried under one of the towers of Pratapgad. Even today, the place is famous as ‘Afzal Khan Buruj’.

The actions of these Jijau show their respect for humanity. Maharaj guarded his attitude perfectly and made the saying ‘enmity ends after death’ justified. Will we get a son like Jijau? By killing Afzal Khan, Sambhaji fulfilled his wish and fulfilled his mother’s wish. Khan’s head was brought to Rajgad. Seeing those heads, what feelings would have arisen in Jijau’s mind? He must have remembered his son. Feelings of both happiness and sadness will be coursing through their hearts.


Khan’s head was caged and immediately brought to Rajgad. Khan’s head was placed in the niche at the gate of the fort of Rajgad, and it was instructed to worship him regularly. Even in Yatkinchi, the body and veins of Khana were not destroyed. A huge victory was won by Maharaja. Maharaj used wisdom rather than force.

With the arrival of the kings, the entire fort was celebrating Diwali. Jijau had tears in his eyes. He hugged the king. Then the king said, “Masaheb, this is not a great victory. It is a pawn won in the strategy of climbing. Afzal is the leg of Gome. Breaking it does not secure anything. The relation of our victory is involved in the defeat of Aurangzeb.” Further, on November 10, 1659 AD, this day is celebrated as Shivaji Maharaj Shiv Pratap Day.




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