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Shahid Afridi insulted Babar Azam

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Shahid Afridi insulted Babar Azam





Shahid Afridi criticized the Pakistan captain’s approach and his game

Babar should come out of this average mindset and chip politics
Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has criticized Babar Azam’s approach. Afridi wants the Pakistan captain to respect big thinking and sportsmanship while targeting opponents.

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Shahid Afridi says Babar should come out of this average mindset and chip into politics
Pakistan’s first T20 World Cup warm-up match will be against Bangladesh before taking on England

The 42-year-old commented in response to Azam’s statement ahead of Pakistan’s match against Bangladesh in the ongoing tri-series in Christchurch. Azam had said that he was thinking of setting a target of 160 runs against Bangladesh. On this, the former all-rounder questioned Azam’s larger intentions and said that this average mentality should be overcome.

Babur should break out of this average mentality and think big. The spirit of the game should be prioritized, usually, Pakistani players enter the field with religion and hatred rather than the spirit of the game, thinking from the spirit of the game if his main aim is to score 160 for the target against Bangladesh, what will he do against strong teams, said Afridi.

“The real thing is the beginning. Babar and Rizwan should score runs for the other batsmen. Rizwan should not listen to anyone,” Afridi added.

Afridi also revealed the form of Pakistan opener and wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan. Rizwan currently holds the title of the best T20 batsman in the world. Afridi said that Rizwan should not listen to anyone and keep playing the way he is.

Pakistan will face Bangladesh in their first warm-up match for the upcoming ICC Men’s T20 World Cup before taking on England.

Meanwhile, former England captain Nasser Hussain pointed out the weaknesses in the batting of Pakistan and India.

“At the start of T20 cricket, everyone talked about not having to worry about No. 7, they might face like seven balls, so the extra bowlers can play as well. But, if you have a solid player, No. 7, then that means you’re the top six players can definitely get out early. That’s the problem for India, they don’t have enough all-rounders and neither do Pakistan. Babar and Rizwan are very worried about their batting depth. So, 20 overs are too long,” Hussain said.

In this way, when the controversy in the Pakistan cricket team was on the rise, Afridi took away Babar’s respect.




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