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save electricity poster – The wind tree

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save electricity poster – The wind tree

save electricity poster – Developed in France by the New World Wind



The wind tree, a tree shaped wind turbine inspired by Mother Nature that has the awesome

capability of generating sustainable electricity. Developed in France by the New World Wind,

this adorable wintry consist of three still trunks that stem into smaller branches on which the arrow

leaves all the 36 leaf shaped micro turbines are attached. The Aero Leaf takes advantage of all types of wind,

whether it’s a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, optimizes the use of dispersed energy and produces

maximum power regardless of the direction of the wind or the weather conditions.

While the leaves are lightweight and practically always in constant motion, its rotation doesn’t make any noise.

This is due to its direct drive mechanism that doesn’t require bells or gears to operate. The wintry can also withstand turbulent storms and lasts up to twenty five years. One wintry with 36 turbine saves, eight hundred and sixty four cagy of coal per year, or forty one point fifteen litter jerry cans of fuel per year. It can provide energy for 15 street lights of 100 watt LEDs, lighting for 71 parking spaces. Hundred square meters of office space with a low energy consumption at 20 kilowatt hour per square meter and eighty three percent of an average French household’s consumption, excluding heating and air conditioning.

It can also be planted wherever green energy is needed from the rooftops and streets of bustling cities to corporate office buildings, small towns and remote villages. The leaves come in different colors from light and dark, green, orange and yellow to light and dark blue. The trunk comes in off white brown wood and steel gray. You also have the option to add LED lights, a charging port, an air purifying leaves, etc.. New World Wind also utilizes the Sun with its development of the wind tree with solar petals that stretches the technology even further, depending upon your household or office’s electrical needs and budget. While a major component of New World wins mission is to provide renewable energy, it also honors the presence of real trees for every energy tree purchase the company plants and trees and provides a certificate.




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