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Robot toys – A pioneering and autonomous bricklaying robot

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Robot toys – A pioneering and autonomous bricklaying robot

Robot toys – Robot developed by the Australian company FBR Ltd.




The Hadrian X, a pioneering and autonomous bricklaying robot developed by the Australian company FBR Ltd.

It can build a standard three bedroom, two bathroom house in just one to three days,

depending on the type of block used and the complexity of the design.

Dubbed the world’s most advanced construction robot, Hadrian X, if placed in the right environment

and continuously at work, each unit could build between 100 to 300 homes annually.

With an impressive record of building a standard size home every two days, on average,

this revolutionary bricklaying vault actually has a small footprint.

This allows Hadrian next to be mounted into a classic cab or engine truck to easily transported to

and from a location for the onsite building.

This extremely versatile construction robot could also be mounted onto other bases,

such as tracks, barges, boats and cranes, making it flexible for different building needs in various locations.

Adrian uses FBR Dynamic Stabilization Technology, which measures the movement caused by wind,

vibration and inertia in real time. A smart board then responds instantaneously,

using advanced algorithms to offset this movement to maintain stability and offer unparalleled

precision in a variety of conditions. Fibers phosphoric wool system uses super efficient blocks

specifically designed for Hadrian necks for optimal performance. These unique blocks are 12 times

bigger than standard house bricks and are lighter, stronger and designed to minimize waste.

Each blocks is the size of 12 standard brick equivalents, or SB. Adrian X is capable of laying

one block every 20 to 30 seconds, which equates to over 1000 SBS per hour using a specialized

industrial adhesive instead of mortar. The blocks are bonded together in 45 minutes.

Using these specialized blocks also results in greater thermal and acoustic properties than traditional mortar.

Adrian X can also lay standard bricks made of concrete or clay. So what does this mean for bricklayers?

According to FBR, is underlying technology signals the next revolution for bricklayers.

It enables them to transition away from laborious, unsafe and physically demanding tasks

and moving to smarter, safer roles that offer a physically sustainable career path.



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