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Robot 3 – Bionic Hive’s Algorithmic Engine

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Robot 3 – Bionic Hive’s Algorithmic Engine

Robot 3 – develop by an Israeli company



The Bionic House Squid, a synchronized autonomous robotic fleet that transforms

a standard warehouse into an automated warehouse that’s super efficient time

and cost saving, and keeps human employees from getting injure on the job.

It was develop by an Israeli company, Bionic Hive, which has extensive

knowledge in progressive military and defense, tactical robots, a Jeeves UAV

and complex command and control systems. The Squid has three dimensional

movement capabilities, allowing a fully flexible operation, as well as easy integration

into an existing operational system. Squid can move across the floor,

pick up packages and hook onto rails on shelving units and climb vertically.

It can be mount directly on a standard pallet rack at any working facility

and automate all package or case handling from receiving to shipping.

It can also detect obstacles and carefully navigate around them.

Thanks to its high end embedded control system and smart real time data analysis,

Bionic Hive’s Algorithmic Engine can tackle problems created in one warehouse and

apply resolutions to all warehouses in the network.

An example of this is to use AI algorithms to optimize the placement of boxes.

This machine learning based algorithmic engine involves RTM or real time traffic

management and developing HRC or human robot collaboration,

where the system conforms to universal safety standards when sharing

the same working environment as humans.

The squid can handle floor-to-ceiling picking and put away,

which is vital for addressing the increased demand for large scale quantities

and spread a peaking phase. This versatile autonomous robotic fleet is able to

pick up packages from any location regardless if it’s on the ground or 20 meter high.

It also has seamless deployment, meaning there is no downtime,

whether it’s gradual implementation from all to or full warehouse installation,

the squid deployment can keep up with the workflow with virtually no downtime.

Who needs a break when you’re a robot? As mentioned, the squid has stellar adaptability.

It’s considered the only warehouse, fully automate solution that easily adapts to

the customer’s current working model of operation, using the same facilities,

same boxes and same shelving racks. The squid solution pics from floor to

ceiling and truly retrofits into any existing warehouse infrastructure.



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