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Rishi Sunak – Prime minister of the UK

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Rishi Sunak – Prime minister of the UK

Isn’t it true that someone who defies prediction and comprehension rules this world?
History shows that the British controlled India, but what can be said today when Mr. Rishi Sunak, a wonderful man of Indian descent, is the prime minister of the UK?

Who does all of this planning, alignment, transformation, and changeover, really?

Rishi Sunak - Prime minister

Rishi Sunak – Prime minister

However, the news made us feel especially happy since, while an Indian living in London was requested to take the oath, he asked for Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. We Indians who were born on the Indian subcontinent require proof and scientific reasons to understand the depths of our cultural, religious, and ethical values.
A prime minister candidate who sought the advice of saints and gurus and was so cultured and respectful that he gained their blessings by touching their feet.
His stance and gestures
It is clear that he is extremely proud of his Indian heritage.
he is so meticulous, focused, and determined to grasp who he is, what he should do, and what he is now doing.
I am really impressed to write that he attained this wonderful classification in no time, as he only entered politics in 2015, after exploring his life journey to learn more about him.
He is not only the richest businessman alive today, but also the youngest prime minter of UK in history.
Because Hinduism does not teach you to construct boundaries but to view the world as a single entity, his origins, morals, and attitudes toward life and belief systems are so strong that they are reflected in his wisdom to serve not only one nation but the entire planet earth.
He is the solution for each one of us who questions the strength of our identity as Indians.
Without a doubt, the person with the broadest reach has the strongest and deepest roots.
Our Hinduism is not intended to be solely Hindu; rather, it is the fundamental study of our breath, mind, body, health, life, and cognitive processes, as well as our relationships with nature and the cosmos and the cycle in order to comprehend ourselves, explore ourselves, and reach ourselves.
It is not at all intended to be compared, but it is likely to be accurate.

Rishi Sunak - Prime minister of the UK

Rishi Sunak – Prime minister

Knowing who you are, why you are here, and what your role in life is all part of the pattern that has been outlined.
Following the rites here entails living a meaningful life that is characterised by reverence for divinity, love for everyone, and being loved by everyone.
And I believe that everyone will aspire to live in a home, a country, and a life that brings them wisdom and peace.

To the great prime minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. Rishi Sunak, and his entire family, many thanks and best wishes. we are confident that you will be one of the best position holders to give your country you’re best!

Thank you from India for demonstrating a why and how Shreemath Bhagwatgeeta is the basis for everything following Swami Vivek Anand Ji.

Additionally, to honour the nation where positions of authority are based on a person’s strong character, intelligence, and intelligencerather than casteism, religion, or politics.
Congratulations to the wonderful people of the UK, who have set a wonderful example for the rest of the world today.


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